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Borro is the leading online platform for luxury asset lending. Our lending is fast, private and smart.

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We believe that people who own luxury assets should be able to borrow against them with speed, privacy, and impeccable service.

For too many people, much-needed liquidity – required to seize opportunities or address unplanned events – is trapped in these lovely but illiquid luxury assets.

Banks don't typically provide these loans. Nor do auction sites, galleries or antique dealers.

Borro does. We transfer funds swiftly and we store your items in locations that are used by museums and auction houses.

We will arrange for the collection of your luxury assets or you can bring them yourself to one of our valuation centers for appraisal by one of our experts. We have in-house appraisers and a network of over 300 accredited specialist appraisers worldwide.


  • The Golden Rule: Treat our customers the way we would expect to be treated ourselves

  • Transparency: Share everything and be explicit about it. That includes our rates and fees, and the rationale behind every appraisal and valuation

  • Privacy: Our client relationships are completely private. Unless you give us your clear consent, no credit bureau, ratings agency or anyone else will ever be informed about any transaction you have with Borro

  • Responsiveness: Act with appropriate urgency and speed, while demonstrating respect at all times

  • Attention to Detail: Use a combination of in-house experts, external consultants and industry-leading tools to accurately value luxury assets

  • Responsibility: Never knowingly over-extend a client. We only make loans that take into account personal situations and the nature of the market

  • Expertise: Maintain constant awareness of market trends so we can offer the highest possible loan amounts against the broadest range of luxury assets

  • Confidence: Reassure our clients about the security of their luxury assets at all times, through the use of best-in-class, insured collection and storage partners

  • Convenience: Everything about Borro should be incredibly simple, from obtaining an estimate, to receiving your loan, to online account management and communication by text, mail, phone or email

  • Personalization: Offer flexible and tailored options so that every client is well-positioned to pay it back

  • Advocacy: In the unlikely event of a default, it is our responsibility to seek the highest value for the asset so that a client's loan is repaid in full, and any amounts that we receive which are greater than the outstanding balance are returned to them


Some of the most respected and forward-thinking global ventures firms have expressed their trust in us.
  • Canaan Partners (external link opens in new window)

    Canaan Partners

    Lending Club, Match.com

  • Rocket Internet (external link opens in new window)

    Rocket Internet

    Jumia, Lendico, ZenCap

  • Eden Ventures (external link opens in new window)

    Eden Ventures

    Huddle, Truphone

  • Augmentum Capital (external link opens in new window)

    Augmentum Capital

    Zopa, BullionVault

  • OurCrowd (external link opens in new window)


    BillGuard, StackIQ

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Tuesday February 10 2015

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Wednesday February 11 2015

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