Is an Omega Watch a Good Investment?

From journeying to the surface of the moon on Buzz Aldrin’s wrist, to becoming the watch brand of choice for James Bond, Omega watches have an impressive history that has helped to build up the brand image. This is an image accompanied by a set of noteworthy horological achievements made by Omega in the 20th century, including creating a watch that can withstand the conditions of space travel. In spite of Omega’s success, can a timepiece from the watch brand prove to be a wise choice of investment?

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Some of the Most Expensive Disney Collectibles

Who ever said Disney was for kids? With films like Frozen (2013) and Toy Story (1995) being watched on repeat by children and their parents complying (with guilty admission), it is no wonder that the older generations have never lost their childhood wonder for all things Disney. While Disney souvenirs commonly cater for kids, some of their most expensive pieces of memorabilia are collectibles and one is one of the Disney gifts for adults that can be found in the Disney Store. However, the most expensive Disney Collectibles which we have come across are pieces of Disney memorabilia sold at auctions.

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Is a Patek Philippe a Good Investment?

What Watch Brand makes a Good Investment?

Luxury timepieces are an attractive asset to invest in. If you choose right, not only will you have a watch that will stay true to the capital you invest into it, but you’ve also acquired a stylish mechanical masterpiece that could grow in value. The real question is how do you choose which watch to invest into? The WatchAdvisor suggests that there are several key aspects of a watch that you should pay attention to when looking at which one to invest in. Specifically the brand of the watch, the metal casing and most importantly its level of appreciation.

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Luxury Law Enforcement – When Sports Cars Become Cop Cars

We’re used to seeing cops on the big screen making use of vehicles that are fast, sexy and luxurious. Whether it’s Don Johnson’s Ferrari Daytona in Miami Vice, Steve McQueen’s Ford Mustang in Bullitt or more recently Saga Noren’s Porsche in hit Swedish drama The Bridge (which is well on its way to cult status). The ultimate in law enforcement autos is of course the Batmobile – but as a vigilante Bruce Wayne has a lot more leeway than your typical detective.
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Where Napa Valley meets Silicon Valley – 4 Technologies Changing Wine

The wine industry may conjure up images of sun-kissed vineyards, fading labels on vintage bottles and the squashing of plump red and green colored grapes, but it is as open to technological innovation as any other industry. In fact, the fragility of wine as a product and its susceptibility to fraud make opportunities for tech disruption even more bountiful.

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New Batmobile Currently Worth Less than the Adam West Original

Chipping out for a new Batmobile would be a smart investment for billionaire Bruce Wayne of course, but what about your everyday real life billionaire? Would they deem any of the more modern batmobiles a smart investment? With the new Batmobile currently being worth less than the original it’s hard to imagine so.

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Should you be investing in Rare Video Games?

The Value of Rare Video Games

The video game industry is only going to grow in terms of value and size, but what about the worth of the games themselves? It may not be high culture, but the nostalgic and intrinsic value of rare video games as digital assets, would be foolish to ignore. Most industries produce historic artifacts that gain value with time and the gaming industry is no exception, with several video games iconic of the trade already becoming worth several thousands. Read more