Rare Video Games

The Value of Rare Video Games

The video game industry is only going to grow in terms of value and size, but what about the worth of the games themselves? It may not be high culture, but in terms of appreciating digital assets, it would be foolish to ignore the value of rare video games. Like most industries, the gaming business has produced artefacts which are iconic of the trade and have become rarer with time. Read more

Top 10 Most Expensive Hollywood Movie Props

The effort that goes into your average Hollywood movie production is often of a bewildering scale. After years of toil, involving thousands of extras, hundreds of locations and months of CGI editing, the red carpets are laid out to reveal the magic of the movies to an awaiting public. But what happens to all the items that made the story come to life, the costumes, the cars, the props and signs so beloved by movie fans?

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California Wine Making

The California wine making industry has come a long way in the last century. From facing near annihilation during the years of prohibition, to undergoing a revolution in the late 1930s under André Tchelistcheff – “The Dean of American Winemakers”. Californian wine’s huge rise in popularity in recent decades can be attributed to the results of the Paris Judgement in 1976, with California’s produce assessed to be the best during the contest. Since that success, it has grown to become one of the most highly regarded wine’s in the world.

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Inspired Concept Nascar Cars

Nascar has developed its cars in conjunction with the health and safety regulated world we now live in. After the deaths of some of the sport’s most famous drivers, including Dale Earnhardt (A.K.A the Intimidator), the Car of Tomorrow project was launched and came to life in 2007, with a new series of safer cars. These Nascar cars, while improving each year, have been shunned by drivers and fans alike, who haven’t warmed to the latest boxier designs, not to mention their slower pace. With the latest nascar cars not meeting with some of the fans desires, where does the future of the Nascar model lie? These concept Nascar cars give us an insight into the things to come.

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Another Ferrari 250 Series Car Breaks Record

The Ferrari 250 series has become the one of the most valuable gems set into the car company’s crown of achievements over the last fifty years. Classic models from the series have claimed some of the most impressive unofficial titles in the most expensive car category.
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The Gardner Heist: The World’s Greatest Art Heist

The Gardner Heist

The Gardner Museum, founded by Isabella Stewart Gardner in 1903, is an establishment where admission is free to anyone named Isabella and where the infamous Gardner Heist took place. The museum plays host to over 2,500 stunning artworks counting some from the greats including, Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Manet, but to this day is still missing some of its most valuable pieces.
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