The Original Ferrari 458 Speciale A – Offered Up for a Noble Cause

ferrari 458 speciale aperta

A car so special they only made 499 of them. The very first Ferrari 458 Speciale A to be manufactured, went on auction at Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary event in the US, Beverley Hills on 12/10/14. It sold for the approximate price of £583,000($900,000); a sum nearly 4 times what you would pay for your ‘standard’ Ferrari 458 Speciale (£208,000 / $321,000). The purchase can not only be regarded as a smart investment, but also as a good deed, due to the proceeds being donated to the Italian charity Daybreak; an organisation dedicated to raising money to find a cure for rare diseases.

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Valentine’s Day – Can’t buy me love?

Valentine’s Day. A time of the year commonly recognised by most for its benefits primarily for the economy. Nevertheless, it is also a day that a lot of people can’t help but feel as though they need someone to love. Whether love can be bought is a notion that has been tackled by psychologists and scientists as well revered musicians and philosophers. The truth of the matter eluding each of them. But with it being Valentine’s Day and all it seems only appropriate for us at Borro to have our own attempt at establishing whether or not you can buy love using luxury assets.

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What Watch does James Bond Wear?


The watch worn by the iconic British spy of his Majesty’s secret service, is one that has seen a shift of emphasis, from gadgetry to style. It is also one which has seen a shift from Rolex to Omega. After the exchanging of the crown for the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega released a limited edition James Bond watch, which saw a 20 fold sales increase after they first introduced to the public when Daniel Craig first took up the role. Since then, Omega has been capitalizing on the demand of 007 fans through the releases of James Bond limited-edition watches. But what watch does James Bond wear currently?

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Most Expensive Photograph Ever Sold

The photo was taken by Australian-born photographer Peter Lik and sold in Las Vegas on the 9th December 2014 becoming the most expensive photograph in history at a record price of 6.5 million dollars (around 4.2 million pounds). Lik has lived in the United States since 1984 and is feted for his pictures of the American landscape.
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Is a Tag Heuer watch a good investment?

Are Tag Heuer watches good?

Tag Heuer are a Swiss watch brand that has built itself up from being the racing man’s watch to being that of a luxury watch brand that caters to all that ‘don’t crack under pressure’. It is a brand that has won itself the IF (International Forum) design award in the lifestyle / leisure category twice (2006 – 2007) and in partnership with Breitling and Hamilton, produced the first automatic chronograph.

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The Luxury Christmas Crackers that put Santa’s Sack to Shame

Door to Hell Turkmenistan

That iconic moment where you sit down to your Christmas meal is almost here and whether it is the age old traditional turkey or the new age Japanese tradition of the Christmas KFC meal, somewhere crackers will be pulled and poor jokes will be told. But it’s not every year that Christmas crackers such as these are used.

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Are Diamonds a Good Investment Compared to Gold?

Diamonds and gold are both assets that have been symbols of wealth and status in various cultures for thousands of years. While gold and diamonds have both stood the test of time, are diamonds a good investment compared to gold?

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Who is the Greatest Art Forger of all Time?

Red Picture with Horses fake

The skill that goes into a masterwork, in conjunction with the time and emotion it takes to produce an exquisite artistic asset is something that has been valued throughout time. But is an artistic asset still worth appreciating when it’s a copy, even if it’s made by one of the greatest art forgers of all time?

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Space Watches – Timepieces that are out of this World

Midnight Planetarium watch

From a watch with the face of the milky way to a planetarium that doubles as a watch stand for timepieces containing meteorite, these space watches offer asset owners a mechanical marvel. A unique luxury timepiece often draws an asset seekers attention for future profit and what could be more unique in the weird and wonderful world of horology than a watch that can tell you the placement of the planets in our solar system?

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The Average Bugatti Owner has 84 Cars, 3 Jets and a Yacht. Ferrari 250 GTO Owners have something else…

Ferrari 250 GTO

Bugatti is a brand that seems to draw customers who are fanatical about personal transport. Wolfgang Duerheimer, President of Bugatti has stated that “The average Bugatti customer has about 84 cars, 3 jets and one yacht.”(1). So, what about an owner of a Ferrari 250 GTO, the most expensive car model sold at auction?

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