Most Expensive Watches – The Top Ten

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches

Horology is an art that is nearly as old as time itself and is something that people have dedicated their lives to, resulting in the creation of exceptional and stylish timepieces. Listed below are the top 10 most expensive watches of all time and some detail into what makes these incredible timepieces so valuable.


JP Champion Platinum | Most Expensive Watches
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How To Store a Birkin Bag

If you’ve invested in a beautiful Hermès Birkin bag you want to keep it in the absolute best condition possible. Partly because what good is showing off a designer bag with scuffs, stains and dents, but also because the value of pre-owned designer bags is at an all-time high and set to continue growing. The condition of the bag, along with the material, brand and accessories are the most important factors in determining value.

Hermès Ostrich Birkin | How to Store a Birkin Bag
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14 Spectacular Concept Cars

Concept Cars – Excitement and Promise

They are a staple of motor shows across the world and are designed to excite, provoke but also to gauge reaction. The concept car exists to tantalize by offering a glimpse of what’s to come and to act as a canvas on which the full potential of car design and automotive engineering can be realized. Below are some visually stunning and technologically notable concept cars that have caught our eye.
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Are Rolex Watches… | A Guide to Rolex

At borro we offer valuations on assets that you might to wish lend against, luxury watches are one of the most popular items and can be worth anything from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands. We’ll often encounter questions such as what makes particular watches or brands more valuable than others or which are the best investments, particularly about Rolex, one of the most recognisable luxury brands on the planet.

Below we’ve compiled a list of questions about Rolex watches that you might want answering, if you have any suggestions as to questions we could add please leave them in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Are Rolex Watches...


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The ATM in a Cashless World

The End of Cash

As we wrote earlier this month, the shift from cash to digital payments has been a gradual process that exploded in the past year thanks to the roll out of contactless technology in travel cards, credit cards and phones. We’ve been paying with debit and credit cards for years, but the process of signing or entering a pin number has always meant it was slower than handing over cash for a handful of change. Eliminating everything but the swipe has changed the game.
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The Way We Pay – 4 Technologies Disrupting the Checkout

Online retail has drastically changed the way we shop over the last fifteen years, firstly by squeezing old-fashioned retail chains out of business and secondly by revolutionizing the way the remaining stores do business. For those that remain, the barber shops, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. new technology is changing the way they take hold of your money – in as much as – they no longer have to literally take hold of your money.

Smartphone-based card readers

The issues associated with trading in cash cost add up to billions of dollars every year, theft alone costs American businesses $40billion a year, more than all other types of financial fraud (e.g. bad checks, credit cards, online) combined. The cost of transporting and storing cash adds billions to the costs and hits small businesses especially hard as they cannot afford expensive security or loss prevention schemes.
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