Bonhams Goodwood Sale Offers Something For Everyone

The Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed sale is traditionally the highlight of the British auction calendar. In recent years it has hit the headlines with some record-breaking sales including the stunning ex-Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes W196R which sold for £17.7 million in 2013.


So, what does this fine auction have available this year? If you’re searching for a bargain how about the rather notorious Rolls-Royce Phantom, previously owned by a crime lord known as ‘Don Car-Leone’. Once found with £800,000 of cash in its boot the car is now up for sale with an extremely low reserve of just £30,000 – £50,000. Be warned though, there are no documents, the 9,630 mileage is incorrect and it hasn’t been taxed since 2009 so is in need of some re-commissioning, details of which are available on request.

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Is the Apple Watch a Threat to Luxury Watches?

apple watch

With the release of the Apple Watch in April came a challenger to the luxury watch market – the Gold Apple Watch.

It has been a subject of debate to whether the Apple Watch has the potential to make an impact on the luxury watch market and what it means for the future of the wristwatch.

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Patek Philippe’s Grand Exhibition and the Grandmaster Chime

A summer’s day walking through Sloane Square and I find myself thinking how interesting can a watch exhibition actually be? I had my doubts, as I came up on the Saatchi Gallery. I had never been before, but its neo-classic architecture had me appreciating the place before I’d even entered. Walking up the 4 steps, beneath the colonnade I was reminded that the ancient Greeks used to build temples that inspired these designs with 3 steps, so a person would exit / enter the temple on their lucky foot (your right foot). The 4th step on the Saatchi gallery, however, denied me and entering in on my unlucky foot made it seem even more likely that I’d be leaving the place with my interest in Patek Philippe unsatisfied.

How wrong I was.

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What a Luxury Watch can say About you

Patek Philippe

An assets worth is only as much as a buyer is willing to pay for it. Establishing that worth through the brand’s identity so that its products no longer appear just as commodities, more so as necessities, should be an aspiration for any luxury brand looking for a legacy. Some luxury brands do this effortlessly, their quality and heritage making them appear as a natural and essential integration into the everyday lives. A key factor that can assist in the tailoring of that identity is the relaying of information that informs what that luxury brand’s about; the fine art of advertising.

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Luxury Asset Security – An In Depth Look

As people across London left the capital to spend the Easter Weekend holidays with family and friends, a group of thieves were making their way into the heart of the city to pull off a heist in Hatton Garden – emptying over seventy safe-deposit boxes and making off with the precious and highly valuable assets within. Estimates on how much was stolen still vary – but police revealed at a press conference that at least £35 million worth of cash and jewellery had been taken.
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Watching the Stars – Who Wears What Brands

Rolex Sponsor the Wimbledon Championships

Copyright Rian Saunders CC BY 2.0

Luxury brands thrive on their association with the rich, famous and prestigious. It’s why Chopard sponsor the Cannes Film Festival, why Roger Federer pops a gold Rolex on before he lifts the Wimbledon Trophy and why Grey Goose Vodka is an official partner of Virgin Galactic – because what would be more at home in a space shuttle than hard liquor.
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The New Apple Watch to Mark a New Phase in Luxury Watches?

apple watch sport model

With the arrival of the new Apple Watch on the 24th April 2015, the co-inventor of Swatch lays down his predictions on the impact it will make on the market for Swiss watches. He predicts the inertia of the Swiss watch companies and their focus upon marketing and value, rather than future product investment, could lead them into an ice age.

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How Much Would You Pay to own Mjolnir?


We’ve all seen the Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) trailer where in which the Avengers take their turns to try to pick up the Hammer of Thor. But how much would you be willing to pay to be able to effortlessly pick up the original Mjolnir from the movie Thor (2011)?

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The Original Ferrari 458 Speciale A – Offered Up for a Noble Cause

ferrari 458 speciale aperta

A car so special they only made 499 of them. The very first Ferrari 458 Speciale A to be manufactured, went on auction at Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary event in the US, Beverley Hills on 12/10/14. It sold for the approximate price of £583,000($900,000); a sum nearly 4 times what you would pay for your ‘standard’ Ferrari 458 Speciale (£208,000 / $321,000). The purchase can not only be regarded as a smart investment, but also as a good deed, due to the proceeds being donated to the Italian charity Daybreak; an organisation dedicated to raising money to find a cure for rare diseases.

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