The Sistem51: A Swatch Revolution or Mechanical Failure?

Initially released in Switzerland at the end of 2013, the Sistem51 became one of the most affordable Swiss mechanical watches ever made, sold at the price of £108. The Sistem51 combines old and new tech to produce a mechanical watch that uses the movement from your wrist to wind it and it can’t help but seem like a challenge to the rise of the Smartwatch.

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How has the Chinese Economy Downturn Affected the Country’s Luxury Car Market?

China’s auto market is currently the largest in the world, despite the current economic difficulties the country is facing. Luxury car brands have seen decent growth in the market with manufacturers like Maserati growing significantly over the last 10 years. Within their first year the brand sold only 40 vehicles and now China has become the company’s 2nd largest market.

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Bahn-stormers at Brooklands

August 29th sees the next Historics auction at the world famous Brooklands Museum, home of the world’s first ever purpose-built, banked motor race circuit. After the hedonistic excitement that was Pebble Beach here is an opportunity to make some shrewd investments without the world watching you. We have hand-picked a few character cars that should only increase in value and return great driving enjoyment.

Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG
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Is a Rolex Watch a Good Investment?

Rolex Skydweller | Is a Rolex Watch a Good Investment

Is a Rolex watch a better investment than another luxury watch brand?

All watches, from a £10 watch at Victoria station to a Patek Phillipe have their relative benefits (affordability being the obvious one in this case). So it depends what your objectives are for owning a watch. If it is about the value you will get when value you will get when sell a watch, then as with many products, recognition combined with uniqueness and thus value goes a long way. And perhaps what is most important is that Rolex watches obviously have great recognition in many markets outside the main watch market’s inner circle. Read more

The Silverstone Classic Car Auction Review 2015

The Silverstone Classic celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. A motor sport spectacular blending everything from pre-war Bentleys to modern-era Le Mans classics, this is a huge event and well worth a visit with something for everyone, even a Status Quo concert!

Our focus however is on the auction, a three-day event run by relative newcomers Silverstone Auctions. In just four years they have established themselves as a high quality car auction specialist with a particular focus on 80s and 90s automobiles. For the 2015 sale they ran a specific competition car sale on the Thursday followed by a two-day road car sale on Saturday and Sunday.

Porsche 911 964 Clubsport RS

Porsche 911 964 Clubsport RS.

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McLaren 12C – A British icon in the making

McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C

The MP4-12C was originally launched back in 2011 and aimed squarely at taking on the Ferrari 458. While on paper the specifications suggested it was a fair comparison, the Ferrari had the luxury of years of road car development from a manufacturer that was first founded back in 1929. For McLaren Automotive this was an all-new project, albeit with a rich history of success in Formula 1 and Le Mans.
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Fine Wine as an Investment

fine wine

What is Fine Wine Investment?

When it comes to the definition of fine wine, it is one that is difficult to capture in a few sentences. This is due to the subjective nature of perceptions that wine quality is viewed through. It is a term that comes infused with the aromas of finery and money and as such makes for an area ripe for investment. Buying fine wine as an investment is something that has grown in popularity since the 1980s and is becoming an asset of more interest to investors
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Bonhams Goodwood Sale Offers Something For Everyone

The Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed sale is traditionally the highlight of the British auction calendar. In recent years it has hit the headlines with some record-breaking sales including the stunning ex-Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes W196R which sold for £17.7 million in 2013.


So, what does this fine auction have available this year? If you’re searching for a bargain how about the rather notorious Rolls-Royce Phantom, previously owned by a crime lord known as ‘Don Car-Leone’. Once found with £800,000 of cash in its boot the car is now up for sale with an extremely low reserve of just £30,000 – £50,000. Be warned though, there are no documents, the 9,630 mileage is incorrect and it hasn’t been taxed since 2009 so is in need of some re-commissioning, details of which are available on request.

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Is the Apple Watch a Threat to Luxury Watches?

apple watch

With the release of the new Apple Watch in April came a challenger to the luxury watch market – the Gold Apple Watch. Its 1 of 3 different models that make up the collection of apple watches and has been a subject of debate to whether the new Apple Watch has the potential to make an impact on the luxury watch market. As the world is shifting ever more into a digitally driven environment and people are looking for further ways to adapt, the Apple watch seems like a new convenient time piece that can provide you with both functionality and status. However, some apple watch reviews decree that the Apple Watch may not be worth your time and have even gone so far to claim that its a flop.

This underestimation of Apple’s capability to disrupt a market has been seen before. Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer once claimed that the iPhone was a “$500 subsidised item” and that there was “no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share.”. With similar opinions being flaunted from various sources.

Many conceive the Apple Watch to not be a threat due to its function placing it in a different market; viewing it more as a gadget than a wristwatch. Others, however, have flagged up concerns of how the smartwatch could challenge the traditional timepieces that adorn so many wrists today. With collaborations between high end luxury brands and tech companies to make smart watches of their own like Google, Intel and TAG Heuer, the wristwatch seems ready for its next evolution.

To uncover the truth of the matter we posed the question “Will the Apple Watch Kill Luxury Watches?” to various watch experts and enthusiasts to see what they believed.

Patek Philippe’s Grand Exhibition and the Grandmaster Chime

A summer’s day walking through Sloane Square and I find myself thinking how interesting can a watch exhibition actually be? I had my doubts, as I came up on the Saatchi Gallery. I had never been before, but its neo-classic architecture had me appreciating the place before I’d even entered. Walking up the 4 steps, beneath the colonnade I was reminded that the ancient Greeks used to build temples that inspired these designs with 3 steps, so a person would exit / enter the temple on their lucky foot (your right foot). The 4th step on the Saatchi gallery, however, denied me and entering in on my unlucky foot made it seem even more likely that I’d be leaving the place with my interest in Patek Philippe unsatisfied.

How wrong I was.

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