Harry Potter and the Valuable Memorabilia

Once upon a time, there was a franchise worth nearly £15 billion, the memorabilia from said franchise (things like toy wands, scarves, video games etc.) making up nearly a third of that figure (1). This highly lucrative memorabilia collection belonged to none other than the Harry Potter franchise.
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Latest Smartwatches – 2014

The Latest Smartwatches

We talked about the importance of style to smartwatches back in March and now we’re taking another look at some the latest smartwatches coming into the light this summer and some that are already available, but which of these smartwatches deserves your attention? While the latest smartwatches are nowhere close to replacing the smartphone, it seems to work as a nice addition to the smartphone for those who are tired of having to check their phones on a regular basis.

Its notification functions give you some detachment from your smartphone through making all your social network updates and e-mails known to you through a gentle vibration on the wrist along with other handy life monitoring features included.

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The Marie Antoinette Watch

The Marie Antoinette Watch – £17.6million

Marie Antoinette Watch

© Breguet

A watch so valuable they decided to reconstruct it. The Marie Antoinette pocket watch is a timepiece surrounded with rumours and encased in gold. The watch itself is named after the French Queen for whom it was intended and has been appropriately dubbed ‘the Queen’. It’s a watch worthy of royalty, however it is doubtful that Her Majesty Elizabeth II or any other royal figure will be receiving one for their next birthday, seeing as only 2 of the pocket watches exist. One of which is currently held by Swatch and the other by an Islamic art museum in Jerusalem.
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Most Expensive Watches – The Top Ten

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches

Horology is an art that is nearly as old as time itself and is something that people have dedicated their lives to, resulting in the creation of exceptional and stylish timepieces. Listed below are the top 10 most expensive watches of all time and some detail into what makes these incredible timepieces so valuable.


JP Champion Platinum | Most Expensive Watches
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How To Store a Birkin Bag

If you’ve invested in a beautiful Hermès Birkin bag you want to keep it in the absolute best condition possible. Partly because what good is showing off a designer bag with scuffs, stains and dents, but also because the value of pre-owned designer bags is at an all-time high and set to continue growing. The condition of the bag, along with the material, brand and accessories are the most important factors in determining value.

Hermès Ostrich Birkin | How to Store a Birkin Bag
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14 Spectacular Concept Cars

Concept Cars – Excitement and Promise

They are a staple of motor shows across the world and are designed to excite, provoke but also to gauge reaction. The concept car exists to tantalize by offering a glimpse of what’s to come and to act as a canvas on which the full potential of car design and automotive engineering can be realized. Below are some visually stunning and technologically notable concept cars that have caught our eye.
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