The Luxury Christmas Crackers that put Santa’s Sack to Shame

Door to Hell Turkmenistan

That iconic moment where you sit down to your Christmas meal is almost here and whether it is the age old traditional turkey or the new age Japanese tradition of the Christmas KFC meal, somewhere crackers will be pulled and poor jokes will be told. But it’s not every year that Christmas crackers such as these are used.

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Are Diamonds a Good Investment Compared to Gold?

Diamonds and gold are both assets that have been symbols of wealth and status in various cultures for thousands of years. While gold and diamonds have both stood the test of time, are diamonds a good investment compared to gold?

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Who is the Greatest Art Forger of all Time?

Red Picture with Horses fake

The skill that goes into a masterwork, in conjunction with the time and emotion it takes to produce an exquisite artistic asset is something that has been valued throughout time. But is an artistic asset still worth appreciating when it’s a copy, even if it’s made by one of the greatest art forgers of all time?

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Space Watches – Timepieces that are out of this World

Midnight Planetarium watch

From a watch with the face of the milky way to a planetarium that doubles as a watch stand for timepieces containing meteorite, these space watches offer asset owners a mechanical marvel. A unique luxury timepiece often draws an asset seekers attention for future profit and what could be more unique in the weird and wonderful world of horology than a watch that can tell you the placement of the planets in our solar system?

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The Average Bugatti Owner has 84 Cars, 3 Jets and a Yacht. Ferrari 250 GTO Owners have something else…

Ferrari 250 GTO

Bugatti is a brand that seems to draw customers who are fanatical about personal transport. Wolfgang Duerheimer, President of Bugatti has stated that “The average Bugatti customer has about 84 cars, 3 jets and one yacht.”(1). So, what about an owner of a Ferrari 250 GTO, the most expensive car model sold at auction?

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Is a Rolex Watch a Good Investment?

Question: In investment terms is it better to buy a Rolex than another luxury watch brand?

All watches, from a £10 watch at Victoria station to a Patek Phillipe have their relative benefits (affordability being the obvious one in this case). So it depends what your objectives are for owning a watch. If it is about the value you will get when selling your watch, then as with many products, recognition combined with uniqueness and thus value goes a long way. And perhaps what is most important is that Rolex watches obviously have great recognition in many markets outside the main watch market’s inner circle. Read more

The Most Expensive Diamonds all have a tale to tell…

most expensive diamonds

A girl’s best friend, something that’s meant to last forever and an old adversary to a man’s wallet. Diamonds are naturally occurring gemstones and, on a surface level, are treasured for their beauty and rarity. On a historic level, they became valued as a result of the De Beers diamond cartel’s highly successful advertisement campaign in the middle of the 20th century (1). The most expensive diamonds in the world were all formed under extraordinary conditions of high pressure and low temperature. This kind of environment can only be found either deep within the earth or at the crash site of a meteor. The most expensive diamonds in the world all come with rich histories to match their hefty price tags.

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You are a Digital Asset, you just don’t know it

social media icons

What makes you a Digital Asset?

Wikipedia definition – a digital asset is ‘any item of text or media that has been formatted into a binary source that includes the right to use it. A digital file without the right to use it is not an asset.’

You could be making yourself valuable just through your daily social media practices. Services are now available that allow you to assess the value of your social media usage and claim yourself as a digital asset.

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British First Editions

first editions

The stories and information these British first editions contain have stood the test of time and so have the pages on which they were printed. Some have entertained the world for centuries, while others have influenced the beliefs of millions and even come to be worth millions. This is a breakdown of some of those exceptional British first editions; a list of 5 of the most expensive first editions produced by British authors.

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Stradivarius Violin – A Safe Investment?


Stradivarius violin failed to sell at Sotheby’s auction.

The Macdonald Stradivarius violin, named after one of its previous owners Godfrey Bosville, the third Baron Macdonald, failed to sell at its Sotheby’s auction for £27 million ($45 million) in June 2014.
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