£250,000 of antiques found in squalid flat

The people clearing out a recently deceased pensioner’s flat were in for a huge shock when they found £250,000 worth of antiques.

The surprise was even greater considering they weren’t in a stately home or luxury apartment, but rather a squalid council flat.

Among the items found were a jade fish ornament valued at around £12,000, a 170-year-old Native American bowl worth a massive £70,000 and a collection of early gramophones valued at £7,000.

Overall, 300 antiques were found hidden by piles of old newspapers, cardboard boxes and mattresses.

Antique furniture and jewellery found at the flat has also gone under the hammer.

Auctioneer Martin Lawrence of Petersfield in Hampshire told the Daily Mail: “It was meant to be a straightforward probate of the contents but it became apparent as we started that this was something quite special.”

It is thought that the elderly gentleman who owned the items inherited them from his parents who were antiques dealers.

While we know that not everyone is lucky enough to have thousands of pounds of antiques laying around their house, this story just goes to show, treasures can be found in the most unexpected places.

And if you find any make sure you bring them to us to value.

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