Apprentice turns to antiques

This week’s instalment of The Apprentice highlighted what many people already know – there truly is value in antiques, even items which don’t seem like they are worth much at first.
The episode saw the remaining hopefuls trying to impress Lord Sugar by buying second-hand items and reselling them in London’s trendy Brick Lane area.
And both teams turned a profit which shows that as Lord Sugar said “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.
However, Team Phoenix, led by Tom, proved that when it comes to selling antiques, it is quality not quantity. The team spent much less than their rivals and had a quarter of the number of products to flog to the public, however, they ended up with the larger profit as they had chosen their items carefully and thought about what value they might have.
If you want to follow in the business-savvy Apprentice-hopefuls footsteps and make some money out of items you already have, why not bring them to us to value. But remember a few carefully picked items are likely to be worth more than the entire contents of the loft.

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