It’s the sail of the century, for just £1 million a ticket

Despite the ongoing recession, one luxury cruise company still feels that it can safely navigate the fiscal choppy water and sell bookings for one of its tours successfully, despite a price tag of £1 million per couple.

Silversea’s Silver Whisper vessel is set to depart from Los Angeles on January 14th next year and will take in a total of 52 ports in 28 countries, across a period of 115 days.

Guests will enjoy the most luxurious service around, as you would expect for such a hefty price tag, with boutique shopping, a wellness spa with beauty salon, a fitness centre and sauna and full-scale productions in a multi-tiered show lounge all included.

Couples will have to pay around £8,000 a day to take part in the cruise which will include locations such as Tahiti, Auckland, Sydney, Manila, Bangkok, Mauritius, Cape Town, The Gambia and Bridgetown.

A staff-passenger ratio of almost one to one will also keep guests happy with workers waiting on their every need, something which is sure to appeal to many with money in the bank.

With most luxury markets performing well in the recession, it seems this could be a venture that really pays off.

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