Luxury jewellery glints in the midst of economic gloom

According to Retail Jeweller, sales of luxury jewellery are performing well, despite gloomier economic outlooks in other markets around the world.

According to an article on the website, sales of luxury watches and jewellery in particular are belying the world’s financial malaise to record strong results. So much so that luxury goods group Richemont recently posted its results for the six months leading up to September 30.

Sales had increased by 29 per cent to £3.53 billion and operating profit had increased to £934 million.

Jersey Pearl’s director of wholesale business Mike Taylor told Retail Jeweller: “There will always be a market for luxury jewellery in any economic climate.”

It’s obvious that the market is doing really well at the moment and it’s about time that the economy had some good news.

So, if you want to jump aboard the luxury jewellery train and have someone look at your pieces, you know where to come.

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