Titanic letter is the latest piece to go up for auction

The descended family of a surgeon whose Titanic letter is set to go up for auction soon have pleaded for a benefactor to claim the item and bring it back to the ship’s birthplace.

A letter penned by John Edward Simpson to his mother just days before the famous ship sank is expected to sell for $50,000 (£31,000) but the family of Mr Simpson have called for the item to be showcased back in Northern Ireland.

Mr Simpson’s great-nephew John Martin said: “It would be great if a donor or benefactor could be found who would purchase and return it to Northern Ireland for public display.”

Within the letter, Mr Simpson told how his cabin was larger than the accommodation on board the Titanic’s sister ship the Olympic but also complained that one of his trunks had been unlocked and that money had been stolen from his pocketbook.

According to Mr Martin, his family had held on to the letter for generations until Simpson’s 81-year-old daughter-in-law sent it on to a Titanic enthusiast in Holland 15 years ago.

This was the last the family knew of the letter until learning that it was to be auctioned.

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