Titanic sales continue to perform well in anniversary year

The Titanic auction sales just keep on coming, with the latest piece of apparel from the famous ship, a postcard, sold for just short of £1,000.

The item was penned by a seaman on the Titanic, originally from Birkenhead, and sold for £950, almost five times its estimate at a Liverpool auction.

Charles Morgan, a storesman for the vessel’s owners White Star Line, sent the letter to his mother in Belfast on April 2, 1912, just five days before it so famously sank on its Atlantic voyage.

Mr Morgan was one of the 1,523 people killed when the ship collided with an iceberg.
Also sold at the event was a gold-plated US pocket watch, with a Titanic link that almost went unnoticed.

The watch, which sold for £200, carried the inscription: “Presented to George Catlin by the Titanic Engineers Memorial Committee in appreciation of services as Hon Sec, Southampton, 1914.”

The watch was found by accident in a drawer by its Liverpool owners. They had planned to throw it away, not knowing its value, but thankfully this was avoided.

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