Women looking to ring the changes with engagements

Loved-up individuals looking to pop the question are increasingly looking to alternative forms of design when it comes to engagement rings, according to the Financial Times.

Speaking to Rosanne Karmes, the designer and creator at Sydney Evan, the news provider found that while designs, patterns and styles are altering, prices could still remain high.

Bridal magazines have reported that engagement ring prices stood at £2,090 in the UK over 2008-09 and while 2010-11 prices could drop because of the recession, it may still be enough to make eyes water, albeit not in the romantic sense.

Lulu Frost’s designer Lisa Salzer told the Financial Times: “A classic solitaire has become so homogenous. We’ve been persuaded for the past 40 years by the diamond companies that this is what you have to have.

“But women are looking for something from before this marketing and commercialisation.”

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