World catches a glimpse of the new Ferrari Enzo

A prototype of the new Ferrari Enzo has been spotted being put through its paces at a testing track in Germany.

Undoubtedly sparking excitement with petrol heads worldwide, the Enzo includes a 900bhp mid-mounted V12 engine as well as a carbon body and carbon chassis sitting on top of classic FF alloy wheels.

The 900 bhp engine puts the offering from Porsche’s 918 in the shade as well as the original 650bhp Ferrari Enzo. A double-clutch gearbox and ceramic brakes will also appeal to luxury car lovers.

The car is a lot wider than previous Enzo models and is believed to be considered the main competition for Porche’s 918 Spyder.

Auto Express has suggested that the Enzo could be set for public release later in the year with a price tag of £500,000 plus.

The website has also predicted a speed of 0-62mph in less than three seconds and a top speed of over 220mph.

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