Edinburgh Pawnbroker & Pawn shops

Edinburgh Pawnbrokers and Pawn Shops

There's a cluster of pawn shops between Edinburgh Station and Newington, centred on Nicolson Street, add to those the six stores in Leith that are within 400 yards of each other and that accounts for the majority of pawnbroker stores in Edinburgh. Most are part of national chains, though there is one store on Queen Street that has been part of the Edinburgh pawnbroking industry for over 180 years. It's no surprise that in such a grand and historic city as Edinburgh, that a rich tradition of financial brokerage exists.

Edinburgh has been a key financial centre in Europe since the establishment of the Bank of Scotland in 1695 and has thrived as a hub for education, architecture and law. Though like most of Britain and the UK the retail centres have evolved over the decades as many retailers move online or suffer in harsh economic times, pawnbroking remains one of the more resilient industries to grace our high streets.

The Online Alternative to Pawn Shops

Pawnbroking has been further transformed by online services which mean you do not even have to step foot inside a pawn shop to unlock the value of your gold, jewellery or watches. Borro offers loans starting at £1000 and can value your item, make an offer and transfer the cash within 24 hours of receiving it via our insured courier service. This can all be done online and because you are using the security of the asset means you do not have to worry about credit ratings or other negatives of an unsecured loan.

Finding a pawn shop in Edinburgh

Our directory lists the majority of pawn shops in Edinburgh, so you can browse before going, the listings include telephone numbers, links to websites and opening hours as well.

If you want to know more about how the pawnbroking experience works, including what your rights are, the obligations of the pawnbroker and what to do if you have a bad experience, you can check out The National Pawnbroker's Association website.

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