Turn your valuables into a pawn loan. We offer quick, short term loans against valuables including jewellery, luxury watches, fine art, antiques, luxury & classic cars, yachts and more. Learn more about what we loan against and how the service works.

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Borro offers an online approach to the traditional pawnbroking service. This approach allows us to serve customers from across the UK. We have a centralised, in-house team of expert valuers who have worked at the leading auction houses; Christie's, Sotheby's and Bonhams. This means that Borro has an accurate understanding of the true value of each asset allowing us to lend more than other pawnbrokers. We are able to lend against a broader range of valuables and at lower interest rates than other pawnbrokers. 

Low interest pawnbroker loans with

If you compare our short-term pawn loan interest rates, you will see that we offer the lowest interest rates in the pawnbroking industry. Borro's loan rates are also lower than those of payday loans and unplanned overdrafts.

Competitive pawnbroker loan rates

For pawn loans of up to £9,999, you pay as little as 4.99% simple interest per month (68.8%APR). For pawn loans of £10,000 to £99,999 you pay 3.99% simple interest per month (53.6%APR).

There are no additional costs with Borro. Our loans are quick and transparent. Rates are inclusive of costs associated with the courier service you choose, valuation, storage and insurance. There are no set up fees or charges for early redemption. You simply pay back your loan amount and the interest accrued over the period of the loan.

Borrow £1,000 to £2,000,000 in 24 hours

We offer short term loans online against jewellery, watches, diamonds, gold, luxury cars, fine art, antiques and other high-end valuables. Our pawnbroker loans are guaranteed and your valuables are fully-insured. Our loans are secured against assets and we do not require credit checks. We only complete a simple ID check.

Borro's service is fast and flexible. Dependent on the value of your valuables, you can choose from a variety of options to get your valuables to us; appointment at our valuation centre, a home visit or our courier service. All means of delivery are totally secure and insured.

The No. 1 pawnbroker for people in London, Manchester, Essex, Leeds, Oxford, Chelsea, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Sutton, Glasgow, Kent, Sheffield and all cities across the UK.

Hopefully our comparison has shown you why so many people find Borro the most attractive lending alternative. But if you would still like to know a bit more about other options we have information on secured bank loans and on logbook loans and how our services compare. If you have decided a traditional pawnbrokers better suits your particular needs, our UK directory has a comprehensive list of local options for you.

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