Porsche Madness at RM Sotheby’s 10th Anniversary Sale

Tim Scott ©2016 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's

Tim Scott ©2016 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

RM Sotheby’s London sale smashed numerous world-record auction values at its 10th anniversary sale. A very pretty 1960 Aston Martin DB4GT proved to be the night’s biggest seller with a total price of $3,191,286. including premium. One of just 45 right-hand-drive cars built and offered in fine, matching-numbers condition, the DB4 GT set a world-record sum for a factory-bodied model at auction.

Remi Dargegen ©2016 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's

Remi Dargegen ©2016 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

But the real talking point of the night were the frankly crazy prices achieved for some of the Porsches offered. The single owner Porsche Collection had generated enormous interest as soon as it was announced in the run up to the sale. Thanks to its incredible single-owner provenance and the low mileage of the cars on offer, prices were expected to be high, but nobody could have predicted just how high. Collectively, the group generated a remarkable $6,262,621, far exceeding pre-sale estimates to set numerous new auction benchmarks.

Highlights included:

1995 Porsche 911 GT2 –  $2,449,126, a record for a Porsche 911 GT2 at public auction, breaking the previous record by over one million pounds

1993 Porsche 911 Turbo S Lightweight – $1,291,357, a world record for a 964 series Porsche 911 at auction

1993 Porsche 911 Carrera RS – $949,964, a new auction benchmark for the model—a price close to half a million pounds more than the previous record

1995 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Clubsport – $534,354, an auction record for the model


Tim Scott ©2016 Courtesy of RM Sotheby's

Tim Scott ©2016 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

Away from the immaculate metal on offer in London, the rather less shiny 1967 Iso Grifo GL Series I, which was offered in true ‘barn find’ condition, was another notable highlight of the evening. With the market still drawn to the idea of purchasing totally original, unmolested machinery, the Grifo presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an enthusiast of these attractive and highly regarded sports cars. The subject of a spirited bidding contest, the car achieved an amazing $170,767 against a pre-sale estimate of $39,786-$66,291.

RM Sotheby’s London 2016 Top Five Sales

  1. Lot 169: Aston Martin DB4GT – $3,193,489
  2. Lot 132: 1995 Porsche 911 – $2,450,143
  3. Lot 134: 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Series II – $1,708,145
  4. Lot 129: 1993 Porsche 911 Turbo S Lightweight – $1,292,249
  5. Lot 147: 1939 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Sport Cabriolet – $1,262,194 (tied)
  6. Lot 153: 1963 Aston Martin DB4 Series V Convertible – $1,262,194 (tied)

Notably, a number of lots went unsold on the night and the room was half as full as on 2015. With the end of the big lots, the room quickly emptied leaving a number of bargains to be mopped up. Remarkably, a very pretty Ferrari Dino 208 GT4 sold for just $43,074 while a 1980 Porsche 911 SC Targa was purchased for $40,093, a relative bargain given the prices fetched for the RS models.

It is clear the market has matured and buyers are looking for good quality original cars, but it does mean that some genuinely good cars that will still represent solid investments are going unsold.

Tim Hutton has been involved in the automotive industry for 17 years, creating ideas and content for premium brands. When not writing about cars, you will find him driving them all around the world. Having learned to drive at seven in a racing car, petrol is very much in his veins.

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Top 5 Bentleys Ever Sold at Auction

Classic Bentley

Brainchild of Race Car Driver
Bentley automobiles are a time-honoured classic in the world of cars, and are the third most represented car manufacturer on the list of 100 most expensive cars sold at auction, behind Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. The brainchild of the race car driver, W. O. Bentley (known only as W.O.), began his journey as a designer with studies in design through an apprenticeship with Great Northern railway. Later, he studied theoretical engineering at King’s College London. He and his brother, H. M. Bentley, opened their first auto dealership in 1912, selling French DFP cars. W. O. was dissatisfied with the performance of the cars, mostly because of the use of cast-iron or steel engine parts, which made them very heavy and slow. This dissatisfaction eventually inspired him to design the use of aluminium alloy as the material for the engine pistons. After the DFP was fitted with the new pistons and a modified camshaft, the car took several records at racing tracks.

The Bentley Boys Begin

With the outbreak of World War I, W. O. saw an opportunity to offer his unique piston design to the military, and was subsequently commissioned in the Royal Naval Air Service to pioneer the design of airplane engines. Following the war, W. O. and his brother decided to form their own auto company in 1919. Called “Bentley Motors Limited,” the focus of the company was to design touring and race cars of high quality. Bentley’s motto, “To build a good car, a fast car, the best in class,” gave him the vision needed to design and build cars that not only looked good, but also consistently won races. The drivers of these amazingly light, yet durable race cars were aptly named, “The Bentley Boys.” These men were responsible for helping to put the Bentley name on the map of the auto-racing world, especially Woolf “Babe” Barnato and Sir Henry Birkin. Barnato won the Le Mans 24 Hour race three years in a row, and Birkin was responsible for helping to develop the supercharged “Blower Bentley.”

Woolf Barnato eventually bought the company from W. O. and his brother in 1925. As the chairman, Barnato pushed the company into the global spotlight. Naturally, with a history as rich and storied as the Bentley, it is no wonder that it is a treasured collectors’ car to this day. Below is a list of the most expensive Bentleys sold at auction.

5. 1931 Bentley 4 1/2 Litre SC “Blower” Sports 2/3 Seater Boattail “The Green Hornet”

Image courtesy of Hugh Llewelyn / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

Image courtesy of Hugh Llewelyn / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

This Bentley was the beloved property of E. Ann Klein, who was known for her love of all things Bentley. Some remarkable features of this vehicle include a fairly straightforward stewardship of 54 years, making it very easy to track the history of the car. It is exceedingly rare with matching numbers, an original body and original fabric covering, and is included as among the finest of the 50 factory blowers produced. This car was sold by the Gooding & Company auction house in August 2007, in the US for $4,510,000.

4. 1931 Bentley 4 1/2 Litre Supercharged Le Mans

Image courtesy of Craig Howell / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Image courtesy of Craig Howell / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

This supercharged Bentley, also known as a “Blower” Bentley, was proudly owned by British ex-patriot Charles R.J. Noble. It was one of the original “Blowers,” and only one of just three that were supplied with chassis specifically geared towards the famous Le Mans races. This particular style of car was conceived by “Bentley Boy” Sir Tom Birkin, but sadly never actually won a race at Le Mans. The car was offered for auction by Bonhams in the US in August 2013, and sold for $4,647,500, which resulted in a new auction record for a production blower Bentley.

4. 1930 Bentley Speed Six Tourer

Image courtesy of Craig Howell / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Image courtesy of Craig Howell / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

This 4-cylinder, overhead valve, manual 4-speed has been considered a racing vehicle since its inception in 1927. It was the third Bentley model and was considered just below the 6 1/2 litre, and the successor of the 3-liter engine. This little beauty was sold in July 2004 by Christie’s in France for $5,658,536.

2. 1928 Bentley 4 1/2 Liter Le Mans Sports ‘Bobtail’

Image courtesy of Sémhur / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1

Image courtesy of Sémhur / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1

Sold by Gooding & Company in 2012 for $6,050,000, this race car was a two-time entry at Le Mans, won 2nd overall at the 1929 Brooklands Double Twelve, and is the only remaining “Bobtail” 4 1/2 litre Bentley left. Considered one of the greatest Bentleys in existence, the car has been through extensive restoration. This car was dubbed, “Old Mother Gun,” by the racers.

1. 1929 Bentley 4 1/2 Litre Supercharged ‘Blower’ Single-Seater

Image courtesy of Craig Howell / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Image courtesy of Craig Howell / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

This race car was owned and driven by Sir Henry Birkin himself. Setting a lap record of 137mph in the 1931 Brooklands Outer Circuit, this car was later purchased by George Daniels, who was known for both his ground-breaking work in horology and his love for all cars classic. The car is a single-seater and has no storage space, which makes it a perfect example of a true racing car, but a very inconvenient mode of transportation for lengthy journeys. Bonhams chief executive officer and auctioneer for the sale stated that George was, “also a car connoisseur held in immense respect throughout the vintage motoring world.” Painted a bright red and boasting the supercharged “Blower” Bentley engine, this vehicle was the fastest car around the high banks of Brooklands. It was sold in June 2012 by Bonhams for $7,906,745.

About the Author: David has been obsessed with cars since he was little. When he realized he could combine his love of writing with his passion for cars, his fate was sealed. David spends his free time hiking or watching just about anything that will make him laugh. You can follow him via Twitter @davidcmoss.

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The Fintech Bible: An Insiders Guide to Personal Finance with Paul Aitken

Borro CEO Paul Aitken offers you his advice into personal finance in an interview with Finitech.

Pauls’ top 3 pieces of advice in his particular FinTech niche or area of expertise for consumers

1) “Each FinTech lender targets a speci?c need, at Borro we provide asset rich, cash poor clients with liquidity, fast. Make sure you pick the lender that suits you”.

2) “For property lending, make sure you are working with a good broker, they need to understand your property, the types of lending you are looking for, and which lenders will ?t those needs. Working with the right broker will save you a lot of time, headaches, and often money”.

3) “When it comes to luxury assets, buy what you love ?rst, not what you think will be worth the most in 5 years, it’s a market and it takes a lot of time and skill to predict markets”.
Pauls’ one piece of advice to the public about personal ?nance in 2016

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned at Borro, it’s that people don’t realise all the places they have stored their money. Understanding this is key to getting the most out of your ?nances”.

Discover how you can get the most out of your finances on the Borro Website.

Concours of Elegance 2016 Review

The Concours of Elegance made its fifth annual appearance at Windsor Castle 2-4 September, showcasing 60 of the rarest historic cars in the world, and with over 1,000 exclusive motors by their side.


The show that attracts car lovers from across the country began back in 2012, and has also taken place in luxurious locations such as Hampton Court and St James Palace. This year, the Concours took to their roots in Windsor castle where the first show was hosted, raising cash for the Queen’s Choral Foundation, Springfield Youth Club Hackney and the Household Cavalry Foundation.

1937 Hispano-Suiza H6 Dubonnet

1937 Hispano-Suiza H6 Dubonnet

Some of the UK’s classiest car clubs gathered and showcased their finest motors, with the Aston Martin Owners’ Club even beautifully lining up one model for each motor ever made.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

The winner of the Jaguar Trophy is decided by the owners themselves – and this year Barrie Woolston won ‘Best in Show’ for his sublimely elegant XK120 DHC.

Winner: Jaguar XK120 DHC

Winner: Jaguar XK120 DHC

Here are a few more gracefully classic models that had the car viewers swooning:

1952 Jaguar XK 120 Ghia Supersonic

1952 Jaguar XK 120 Ghia Supersonic

The jet-inspired body of the XK 120 Ghia was styled by Italian designer Giovanni Savonuzz, and has drawn the attention of a number of wealthy customers who have an appreciation for its sleek physique. Last month, a supersonic sold at Sotheby’s for an impressive $2,059,568.

1955 Ferrari 250 GT Europa Pinin Farina

1955 Ferrari 250 GT Europa Pinin Farina

Introducing one of Ferrari’s first 250 GT models, the Europa Pinin Farina. The car made its first appearance at the 1954 Paris Motor Show and has since brought Ferrari much success. Models like this usually fetch at least $2 million at auction, and we can see why. Ferrari triumphantly embodied its core concept of speed into a sophisticated and timeless figure that still has car-lovers talking.

1954 Bentley R-Type Continental HJ

1954 Bentley R-Type Continental HJ

What would a classic car show be without a Bentley? The R-Type graced the automobile world with its presence after the Second World War. This beauty takes the form of a saloon body, with an exquisite 4.9L engine that is a work of its own. The “Continental” aspect of the R-Type stands for high performance, and reaches a top speed of 120mph. In 2014, an R-Type Continental sold for just over $1.3m at Silverstone auctions.

1954 Jaguar D Type OKV 1

1954 Jaguar D Type OKV 1

Last but not least, the 1954 Jaguar D Type. An ageless race car produced by Jaguar that went on to win the Le Mans 24 Hour Races in the 1950s. It is the historical competitive background of these cars that still has motor-enthusiasts raving. Value? Let’s just say that one sold at Sotheby’s just a few weeks ago for just over $20.2 million. Not bad.


The success of the event was mirrored by the large crowds that swarmed through the exceptional collection of exquisite motors. Each model had its own story to tell, yet they had all managed to end up at a delightful event that certainly held true to its name – the Concours of Elegance.


Images supplied by author.

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Mixed Success at Bonhams’ Chantilly Arts et Elegance Auction

3rd Annual Chantilly Art et Elegance Richard Mille Concours

Last weekend Bonhams returned to Chantilly for its second annual sale. Now in its third year the Chantilly Art et Elegance Richard Mille Concours event has become a ‘must attend’ event for the motoring elite and in 2015 the addition of the auction was deemed a great success. So, what was on offer in 2016?

Renault 5 Turbo 2 Goes Unsold


Let’s first look at a Renault 5 Turbo 2. A 1984 car built for Group B homologation. Much like its rivals – Ford RS200, Lancia Delta S4, Audi Quattro short-wheelbase and Peugeot T16 – the Turbo 2 was a low production car with the sole purpose of enabling Renault to enter the Group B rally championship.

Whilst not as outrageous as its rivals the Turbo 2 enjoyed success at the hands of rallying legend Jean Ragnotti, winning the Monte Carlo and Tour de Corse rallies. On sale day the car didn’t sell, for anyone interested I would certainly suggest further investigation and perhaps a cheeky offer!

1994 Porsche 928 GTS Sells for $113,011


A little surprising was the sale price on this 1994 Porsche 928 GTS, $113,011 with premium to be precise. While it is a fine example having covered just 47,000km from new and is presented in ‘as new’ condition I find it hard to forget that these cars were available for as low as $10,680 ten years ago. The trouble with buying a car like this is you simply cannot use it. The more use, the more wear and tear, higher mileage and less value.

1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider Misses Reserve


To put it into perspective this Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider built in 1962 went unsold, not hitting its lowest reserve of almost $13,351 less than the 928 GTS at $100,132. Here is a car to be enjoyed safe in the knowledge that its value is not so precariously balanced and reliant on current trends.

1990 BMW Z1 Sells for $77,052


More positively this BMW Z1 from 1990 did sell, and for a rather impressive $77,052 with premium. These cars still look other worldly. Finished in a lovely subtle shade of yellow with black/camouflage interior this really looks special and the 23,203kms have been covered at a steady pace with recent years just showing 200km per annum. Shop around and these cars can still be picked up in the $40k-$67k bracket, a solid investment for the future that can be enjoyed now.

Alfa Romeo Sells for $57,790


How about a rare, classy Italian sports car for under $60,079? Well this Alfa Romeo Montreal ticks all the boxes, selling for just $57,790 with premium. Sadly, there is no information concerning ownership prior to 1987 and that is surprising in an auction of this calibre.

Bonhams Falls Short of 2015’s Success

Last year the Bonhams auction at Chantilly presented some truly fabulous cars with strong provenance. This year’s sale seems to have fallen short with a number of cars not selling and some of those lots not being particularly impressive. The Montreal is a representation of that with its missing 15 years of history. It’s difficult to say the reasons behind this especially without seeing the attendance figure to the event.

Hopefully they will come back stronger in 2017.

Photos: © Bonhams 2016

About the Author: Tim Hutton has been involved in the automotive industry for 17 years, creating ideas and content for premium brands. When not writing about cars, you will find him driving them all around the world. Having learned to drive at seven in a racing car, petrol is very much in his veins.

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Revival Jewels for the 21st Century Academy Awards and Golden Globes 2016

Jewels from the past took center stage during this year’s awards season as they were recreated in “new” jewelry designs.

The following slides show the jewels worn by stars at the 2016 Academy Awards and Golden Globes that were influenced by jewelry styles of the past.

Is a Bentley Bentayga Worth the Investment?

Bentley Bentayga Opening

The Bentley Bentayga is the first SUV from a luxury automotive brand to properly take on the mighty Range Rover. So far it has received a mixed reaction in the press, so we decided to experience the Bentayga as Bentley intended, on a luxurious European road trip to see if it is worth the investment. When I say we I mean, myself, a co-driver and two cameramen who were shooting a film.

Bentley Bentayga Specs

Bentley Bentayga Hood

‘Our’ Bentayga was specked with $39408 of options pushing the total price to $253547 Finished in Dark Sapphire with Imperial Blue hide and a Chestnut veneer it really did look good in the sunlight. The looks aren’t for everyone though, but it is distinctly a Bentley and in my opinion its best angle is a rear 3/4 view.

Fitting on the EuroTunnel

So, that’s the introduction, now for the drive. We started off driving from London down to the EuroTunnel, the car is big, but just fits into the sub 2m category on the train, driving on is tight but the high sidewalls mean you need not worry about curbing the alloys.

Overnight in Reims

Bentley Bentayga in Reims

Within an hour we are in France and heading down to Reims for our first overnight stop over. The next morning, we were up at 6am to catch the sunrise at the historic site of the old pit straight, it was well worth the early start and we knew today was a long drive down to Monaco so wanted to get going.

Filling Up on Fuel and Food in France

It’s 983 kilometres to be precise, on route we would need to collect our fourth passenger from Lyon airport so opted to stop for lunch in a charming town called Bourg en Bresse. By lunchtime we were already on our second tank of fuel averaging around 400km to a tank ($134 of 98 octane).

Bentley Bentayga in France

Having set off at 9am after our early photoshoot, stopped for lunch and detoured to collect a passenger, we arrived into Monaco at 7.30pm, not bad going. More remarkable is that myself and my co-driver still felt pretty fresh. The front seats blow out cool air and the assortment of massage settings mean you are very comfortable. Stepping out into the hot Riviera heat was quite a shock to the system!

Utilizing the Top View Camera in Monte Carlo

The next morning, we drove the Bentayga into Monte-Carlo for more filming and were pleasantly surprised to receive admiring glances from the locals. The Bentayga is still a fairly rare sight on the roads even in Monaco! The car parks in France and Monaco are famous for being tight, while it is a very large car the top view cameras in the City Specification option make it a far less stressful event and scrapes are avoided.

Bentley Bentayga in Monte Carlo

After a delicious lunch at Cafe de Paris with some friends we were taken to a secret spot high above Monaco with stunning views across to Cannes and Italy. Parking the car on the loose stones it looks just right and you can see that this is a car designed to go off-road, sadly on this trip we won’t venture further than stones or grass, maybe next time!

Parking in Portofino


The next day we headed into Italy to visit Portofino and discovered one of the tightest car parks we have ever seen, again we just squeezed in, this time with some help from the locals. If you haven’t ever visited, do add it to your list. Portofino is absolutely stunning, but for the full experience hire a chartered boat and head out on to the water for the best views.

From Milan to the Mountains

Bentley Bentayga in Milan

From here it was a short drive to Milan and the Navigli district. We stayed at the Art Hotel Navilgi just next to the canal and a great selection of bars and restaurants. In the morning we just managed to catch the sunrise down the canal, shot a few film clips and then headed off towards the mountains.

Testing Sport Mode on Lake Como Roads

Bentley Bentayga in Lake Como

On route we stopped for lunch at Lake Como, again another location that requires a visit. The drive down from the Autoroute to the lake was stunning with classic hairpin turns offering far reaching views. With quiet roads it was an opportunity to see how fast the car is.

The answer? Very, very fast. 0-60mph is dispatched in a supercar like 4 seconds and it will go onto 187mph. In Sport mode the car remains level through the corners and you can start to have some fun with the car, but you will always be very aware that this is a big and heavy car.

Taking on the Stelvio Pass

Bentley Bentayga in Bormio

With lunch finished we set off to the famous Stelvio pass near Bormio. Some people say this is the best road in the world, others disagree. We expected the road to be busy given it is August and peak season, luckily we arrived late afternoon and the road was fairly quiet. While it is stunning, it doesn’t lend itself to great driving, instead one should cruise up enjoying the moment and the views.

After numerous stops we arrived at the peak almost 3km high. By now the sun was setting and the view was absolutely stunning as we pushed up through the clouds. From here we drove back down to Bormio for our overnight stop over and discovered a fantastic restaurant called Al Filo, go there and have the ravioli!

Trek Through the Alps

Bentley Bentayga in the Alps

From Bormio we headed through the Swiss Alps to Davos, famed for hosting the World Economic Forum. We stayed at a brand new hotel called the Ameron, with good quality secure parking and a high quality finish throughout the hotel it was the perfect stop over ahead of our final 1,000km drive back to London.

Final Tally

Over seven days we spent $1470 on fuel and covered 4,500km. Nobody complained about comfort at any point. We had one moment where the brakes started to smoke descending the Stelvio pass, but that is to be expected in a car like this, fully loaded with four men and luggage! The only negatives were the in-car sat-navigation which got very confused in Milan and was just a bit too slow when making important turns and also the interior switches which at times felt a bit too similar to Audis. The Bentayga shares the same platform as the Q7 so it’s to be expected, but at almost $267452 it should feel more special.

Worth the Investment?

For the purpose of covering serious distances by automobile the Bentayga makes a lot of sense, but for those that crave an involving driver experience you may need to look for something a little smaller and sportier like the Macan, but you will have a lot less space for your friends to travel in comfort.

About the Author: Tim Hutton has been involved in the automotive industry for 17 years, creating ideas and content for premium brands. When not writing about cars, you will find him driving them all around the world. Having learned to drive at seven in a racing car, petrol is very much in his veins.

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September Auction Dates

AuctionAuction HouseVerticalStart DateLocationURL
PRINTS AND MULTIPLESChristiesFine Art & Antiques9/2/2016New York, Rockefeller PlazaN/A
Coins and MedalsBonhamsAntiques9/6/2016LAhttp://ow.ly/Ln6Q303LmFP
Christies Watches OnlineChristiesWatches9/7/2016Onlinehttp://ow.ly/DrXa303L7cI
US CoinsHeritageAntiques9/7/2016Californiahttp://ow.ly/GWkD303Lra8
RM London Sotheby'sSotheby'sCars9/7/2016Londonhttp://ow.ly/h0RB303IZLX
Christies Watches OnlineChristiesWatches9/7/2016Onlinehttp://ow.ly/IhvM303J0MY
World CoinsHeritageAntiques9/8/2016Californiahttp://ow.ly/PgtP303LrqR
World CurrencyHeritageAntiques9/8/2016Californiahttp://ow.ly/3k7d303Ls6n
19 Century European ArtChristiesArt9/8/2016Londonhttp://ow.ly/1sif303J0Yt
Finest and Rarest WinesSotheby'sWine9/9/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/yoZ5303LdRn
Beyond LimitsSotheby'sSculpture9/10/2016Londonhttp://ow.ly/ToSx303J01t
Crystal Magnum Decanter of Special Louis XIII CognacSotheby'sAntiques9/10/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/vipP303LedR
Fine ArtHeritageArt9/10/2016Texashttp://ow.ly/be0G303LsrF
A Taste For The RemarkableBonhamsArt9/12/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/PMX1303Ln7I
Chinese Snuff BottlesBonhamsAntiques9/12/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/8x8Y303LnyD
Chinese Works of Art and PaintingsBonhamsArt9/12/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/Bfbx303LnJ2
Irish ArtSotheby'sFine Art9/13/2016Londonhttp://ow.ly/9Rmh303J08I
Wine OnlineChristiesWine9/13/2016Online
Collected in America: Chinese CermaicsChristiesArt9/13/2016Online
Handbags and AccessoriesChristiesHandbags9/13/2016Online
Christies Wine OnlneChristiesWine9/13/2016Onlinehttp://ow.ly/B6jt303L7jN
Handbags and AccessoriesChristiesHandbags9/13/2016Onlinehttp://ow.ly/ILcF303L7rW
Fine Chinese PaintingsChristiesArt9/13/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/wANY303L7Hn
Collected in America: Chinese CermaicsChristiesAntiques9/13/2016Online
Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Works of ArtChristiesArt9/13/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/qxUa303L819
Chinese art Sakamoto GoroSotheby'sArt9/13/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/YAwb303LeqZ
Important Chinese ArtSotheby'sArt9/13/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/hZGO303LeCm
Finest and Rarest WinesSotheby'sFine Wine9/14/2016Londonhttp://ow.ly/4cv0303J0f9
Out of the OrdinaryChristiesArt and Antiques9/14/2016Londonhttp://ow.ly/dMoZ303J12X
South Asian Modern and Contemporary ArtChristiesArt9/14/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/c5Dz303L8bk
The Ruth and Carl Barron CollectionChristiesAntiques9/14/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/Ssu6303L8oa
The Roy and Mailyn Papp Collection of Chinese PaintingsSotheby'sArt9/14/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/KjEE303LeQ6
Fine and Rare WinesBonhamsWine9/14/2016San Franciscohttp://ow.ly/RM7X303LnZO
Fine Japanese and Korean ArtBonhamsArt9/14/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/Wnoe303Lo91
Fine and Rare WinesChristiesWine9/15/2016London
Jewellery and WatchesChristiesJewelry and Watches9/15/2016Londonhttp://ow.ly/4Yd7303J16z
The Classic Age of Chinese CeramicsChristiesAntiques9/15/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/HcJv303L8F2
Collected in America: Chinese CermaicsChristiesAntiques9/15/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/iZ9R303L8MJ
Fine Classical Chinese Paintings and CalligraphySotheby'sArt9/15/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/nICk303Lf4W
American ArtChristiesArt9/16/2016Londonhttp://ow.ly/Ybjj303J19U
The Flacks Family CollectionChristiesArt9/16/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/ctZ0303L9hq
Fine Chinese Ceramics an Works of ArtChristiesArt and Antiques9/16/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/u18E303L9rH
American ArtChristiesArt9/16/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/PTL7303L9zn
American Indian ArtHeritageArt9/16/2016Texashttp://ow.ly/uyVG303LsQV
The Private Collection of President and Mrs. Ronald ReaganChristiesAll9/17/2016Londonhttp://ow.ly/toEi303J1cD
The Private Collection of President and Mrs. Ronald ReaganChristiesAll9/17/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/TFPS303L9IZ
Saturday at Sotheby's: Asian ArtSotheby'sArt9/17/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/5BZQ303LffE
Contemporary CuratedSotheby'sFine Art9/20/2016Londonhttp://ow.ly/lr9Q303J0j6
First Open PhotographsChristiesPhotography9/20/2016Online
First Open Post-War and Contemporary ArtChristiesArt9/20/2016Online
First Open EditionsChristiesArt and Antiques9/20/2016Online
First Open PhotographsChristiesPhotography9/20/2016Online
First Open Post-War and Contemporary ArtChristiesArt9/20/2016Online
First Open EditionsChristiesArt9/20/2016Online
Important American Furniture, Silver, Outsider and Folk ArtChristiesArt9/20/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/BcTZ303LcU5
Exploration and TravelBonhamsArt9/20/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/e0IO303Loow
New NowPhillipsArt9/20/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/n0Io303LqLo
Fine JewelsSotheby'sJewelry9/21/2016Londonhttp://ow.ly/wknz303J0pK
Print and MultiplesChristiesArt9/21/2016London
Fine Books and ManuscriptsBonhamsAntiques9/21/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/o7X1303LoB2
Important JewelsSotheby'sJewelery9/22/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/6F0N303LftR
Bay Area Estates AuctionBonhamsProperty9/25/2016San Franciscohttp://ow.ly/Q3sM303LoJW
UNTITLED: Insider Art ShowChristiesArt9/26/2016Onlinehttp://ow.ly/nOZo303L6Zk
California JewelsBonhamsJewelery9/26/2016LAhttp://ow.ly/6pzr303LoUP
Brian Sewell - Critic and CollectorChristiesArt9/27/2016London
First Open HomeChristiesArt9/27/2016New York
Real EstateHeritageProperty9/27/2016Texashttp://ow.ly/7r3W303LtB1
Luxury AccessoriesHeritageJewelry9/27/2016Californiahttp://ow.ly/F3dT303LtNh
First Open Post-War and Contemporary ArtChristiesArt9/29/2016London
Contemporary CuratedSotheby'sArt9/29/2016New Yorkhttp://ow.ly/RsXB303LfCJ