Bridge Loans

Enables the use of your luxury assets
to secure short term funding. No credit checks
are needed and assets are returned
upon loan repayment.


    Our in-house appraisers are world-class. They provide you with quick, accurate estimates so we can give you a loan offer without delay.


    Loan proceeds can be deposited to your account within minutes after you accept your loan offer. No time is wasted getting you the funds you need.


    Borro does not perform credit or income checks on you and we do not report any information to credit agencies since your loan is secured by your luxury asset.


    Your luxury assets are always secure and protected with Borro. Borro insures all shipments and Borro stores your luxury assets in its highly secure climate controlled vaults.


    A Bridge Loan features a fixed rate, which means your monthly payment will never increase. For all states except California, the interest rate varies between 2.99% and 3.99% per month, depending on the luxury asset and the value of the loan.

    In California, our interest rate varies between a flat rate of 2.99% - 4.99% per month. The difference is based on the asset and the value of the loan. The bigger the loan, typically, the lower the rate.


    Our loans are typically for a 6 month term but can be paid back in full at any time. There are never any early repayment fees.


    A set-up fee for asset appraisal and logistics is applied only when you accept your loan offer. If you change your mind about the loan, no problem, your luxury assets will be securely shipped back to you free of charge.


    You can prepay your loan at any time to eliminate future interest payments. There is never a prepayment penalty or fee.


    Three months after taking your first loan you become eligible for a reduced set-up fee for all future loans with Borro.

  • What kind of assets does Borro accept as collateral for a loan?

    Borro accepts the following types of luxury assets as collateral for a Bridge Loan:


      Jewelry & Diamonds


      Luxury Watches


      Fine Art & Antiques


      Luxury Cars


      Gold & Precious Metals


      Luxury Handbags


      Fine Wine


      Have something else? Borro has provided loans on other types of assets as well ranging from memorabilia to musical instruments. Please be sure to also view our FAQ that lists which assets Borro does not accept.

    What kind of assets does Borro not accept?

    Borro does not provide loans on:




      Homes & Property


      Stocks & Bonds


      Animals & Livestock


      Construction Equipment




      Assets that you have not fully paid off


      Assets that are not fully owned by you

    How much can I borrow?

    Borro can lend you up to $5,000,000. Specifically, Borro can provide up to $5,000,000 per luxury asset. Our maximum loan-to-value is 75% of our estimate of the market value of your asset, and depending on the asset can be as low as 30%.

    Who will value my assets and determine how much I can borrow?

    At Borro we have some of the best valuers in the world, certified from renowned institutions such as the The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Gemological Association of Great Britain, The Goldsmiths' Company, American Association of Appraisers, and the Gemological Institute of America.

    We also have an international network of 300 qualified appraisers, specialists and experienced dealers. The insight and knowledge of our in-house valuers combined with our international network allow us to offer you the best possible loan estimates.

    What exactly do you mean when you say that your loans are based on "market value"?

    It is important to distinguish that "market value" is different than "retail value". The "market value" of your luxury asset(s) is the amount of money that you could expect to receive from selling your luxury asset today.

    Tangible assets tend to depreciate in value over time. Therefore the "market value" of your assets factors in any depreciation that may have occured over the time that you have owned the luxury asset.

    The "retail value" of a luxury asset is almost always a higher value than the current "market value" as "retail value" factors in the cost & mark-up that the retailer, owner, etc. incurred in marketing, storing, and selling the asset to you.

    The relationship between market value and the retail cost varies by item; in the case of jewelry, the market value could be anywhere from 30% to 60% of the retail price.

    Can I extend my loan?

    Yes, you can apply for an extension to your loan. If we approve it, you will need to repay any unpaid interest that is due at the time of the extension as well as a set-up charge. We will then create a new loan agreement for the amount that you are borrowing.

    Can I change my mind?

    Up until you sign your loan agreement you have total flexibility. Here's how it works: Once we have your luxury asset in our possession - whether it's shipped or you drop it off - we will appraise it and tell you how much we are willing to lend. We'll also provide you with the full details of the loan - terms, conditions, rates, you name it. Then it's up to you. If you agree to proceed with accepting the loan you will be issued with a credit agreement which becomes binding once it is accepted.

    When will I receive my funds?

    Faster than you might think. Once we have your luxury asset and we have valued it, you then approve the loan offer and we can then deposit the loan funds to you immediately - typically via a wire transfer.

    How do I pay off my loan?

    We accept cash deposits and money orders (under $2,000), certified bank checks, wire transfers and debit card payments. All payments must be from a personal account in your name. Some payment methods process faster than others so it is important that you understand the processing time required for the payment method that you choose to use.

    Does Borro conduct credit checks?

    Borro does not conduct credit checks when making decisions on whether to offer you a loan. We may run an ID check that looks at public and credit bureau data, but this is NOT a credit check and does not affect your credit rating.

    How will I get my luxury assets to Borro for appraisal?

    It couldn't be simpler.

    For watches, jewelry, gold, fine art and antiques, you can get your assets to us safely and securely by using our free and insured courier options or you can meet with one of our expert appraisers at one of our offices. For very high-end assets we can arrange for our expert appraisers to come to you to appraise your item(s) on location.

    For luxury and classic cars we will arrange to pick up your vehicle using a secure and unmarked transporter from a location of your choice.

    What does an appointment at Borro's office involve?

    Start by making an appointment to meet with one of our experts. Call us at 1-888-778-0156.

    When you visit us you will be greeted by your account manager and you will meet with one of our certified appraisers. You will then receive an expert appraisal of your assets along with a quote for your Borro loan.

    If you accept the loan offer and you pass our identification checks you can receive your loan funding the very same day via a bank transfer.

    It is always best to make an appointment in advance of your arrival however you are welcome to visit our offices for a walk-in appointment if you are near one of our offices.

    Where will my assets be stored?

    All luxury assets are stored under highly-secure conditions in our state-of-the-art secure storage facilities. All of our secure storage is specialized for your asset type so is climate controlled to ensure the optimal preservation of your valuable assets whether it be jewelry, watches, gold, fine art, a car, fine wine or something else.

    What is a Sale Advance Loan?

    A Sale Advance Loan is secured against a luxury asset - or assets - in advance of a sale at auction or private treaty. Our Sale Advance loans can release up to 70% of the estimated sale price of your asset(s) while we manage the sale of the assets for you. Once the transaction has been completed, you will receive the sale funds, less any outstanding interest and any sale transaction fees.

    How does a Sale Advance Loan differ from a Bridge Loan?

    A Sale Advance Loan is when you provide your asset(s) to Borro so we can manage the sale of the asset(s) for you through our global network of auction houses. We extend a loan (advance) to you ahead of your asset(s) sale whether it be at auction or through a private sale.

    A Bridging Loan is where you use an asset as collateral in exchange for a loan without having to sell your asset. At the end of the loan period your assets are returned to you once you have paid the loan amount and accrued interest to Borro.

    How does a Bridge Loan differ from a Term Loan?

    A Bridge Loan is not a long-term financial product. A Bridge loan is written in a 6 month contract and can be renewed to 12 months if all interest is up-to-date at the end of the 6 month contract. For all states except California, interest rates are 2.99% - 3.99% per month depending on your loan value. In California, our interest rate varies between a flat rate of 2.99% - 4.99% per month.

    A Term loan is a long-term financial product. A Term Loan contract can provide an 18, 24 or 36 month contract for you to select from if your loan value is greater than $100,000. Interest rates are 0.99% - 2.49% per month depending on the value of your loan.

    When can I come in to redeem my loan?

    Please call our Customer Accounts Team on 1-888-778-0156 to arrange an appointment.

    Please be aware that all redemption appointments must be booked in advance.

    Can someone else come and collect my assets on my behalf?

    Please contact a member of our Customer Accounts Team at 1-888-778-0156 to discuss this further.

    Can I come in and collect my assets?

    Absolutely. Please call our Customer Accounts Team on 1-888-778-0156 to arrange an appointment.

    Please be aware that all redemption appointments must be booked in advance.

    How will my items be returned to me?

    Your luxury assets will be returned to you as quickly and as safely as possible.

    When we deliver assets, we first need to confirm the address on your account. You can do this immediately after making a payment to redeem your loan. If you have not confirmed your address, a member of our Customer Accounts Team will get in touch with you to confirm this. Please be aware that if your address is not confirmed, the delivery of your assets may take longer.

    When we are returning cars, artwork, antiques or other large assets, we first need to confirm the time of delivery with you prior to scheduling the delivery. Please get in touch with a member of our Customer Accounts Team at 1-888-778-0156 to schedule a pickup or delivery.

    Is it possible for my assets to be delivered to an alternate address?

    To offer the highest level of security for the assets that you have entrusted to Borro during your loan period, we do not arrange to deliver luxury assets to any address other than the residential address that you list on your account.

    If you have moved or changed your address since you took out your Borro loan you can update your address by sending us a copy of an updated utility bill or bank statement of yours along with an email or letter explaining that you wish to update your mailing address. Your address will then be updated in our systems within 24 hours.

    If it is not convenient for your luxury assets to be delivered to your residential address we can arrange an appointment for you to come and collect your assets from our offices.

    What can I do in my Borro account?

    From within your Borro account you can update your personal details, keep track of your loan statements, view payments that have been applied to account, make secure payments to repay or extend your loan, and you can view all of your luxury assets to either apply for new loans or view pre-existing loans.

    Simply visit the sign in page and you can sign in or create a Borro account.

    How do I log in to or create my Borro account?

    Simply visit the sign in page and you can sign in or create a Borro account.

    How do I change my Borro account password?

    Simply visit the forgot password page and you can reset your Borro account password.

    What happens if I cannot repay my loan?

    If you cannot make payments on time or repay your loan in full please contact our account specialists at 1-888-778-0156 and we will do our best to work with you to find a solution to resolve your loan balance. In the event that you do not repay your loan to Borro, the luxury asset(s) that you used to secure your loan may be sold by Borro in order to recover the outstanding loan balance as per the terms and conditions of your signed loan contract.

    The title of ownership for your luxury asset(s) may be transferred to Borro if you default on your loan agreement.


  • Luxury watches

    Luxury Watches

  • Jewelry & Diamonds

    Jewelry & Diamonds

  • Fine Art & Antiques

    Fine Art & Antiques

  • Luxury Cars

    Luxury Cars

  • Gold & Precious Metal

    Gold & Precious Metal

  • Fine Wine

    Fine Wine

  • Luxury handbags

    Luxury Handbags

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