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You could release the value of your artwork or antique today, and still sell it for the best price with our Sale Advance loans.

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We offer Sale Advance Loans of up to $5 million, giving you instant access to the value of your artwork or antique, before helping you to sell it at the best possible price.

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  • Our expert valuations team are recruited from the best auction houses and dealers in the world, they will find the best buyer and best price for your artwork or antique.

  • We also offer an alternative to selling with our luxury asset loans, giving you access to the item's value, without the need to sell.

  • There are a variety of secure options for getting your item to us, including visiting our London offices or using our insured courier service.

  • Loans can be any value from $5000 up to a $5 million.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell art/antiques?

Making the decision to sell your art or antiques is not an easy one, particularly when you consider emotional attachment as well as physical value: you may have spent years curating a collection. It is for this reason that we would strongly recommend you consider the alternatives, such as a secured loan, where you can extract the value from your antique/art collection without the need to sell.

If you do wish to sell, there are many options, such as approaching private dealers, specialist auctions or by investigation options online. If you have a good level of expertise or industry knowledge you may be able to secure a good price. However, it can be time-consuming to research all the options and if you don't know the industry well negotiating can be tough. Applying for a Borro Sale Advance Loan means our experts will value you your item, loan you up to 70% of the value and then sell it on your behalf for the best available price.

Where can I sell art/antiques?

If you have made the decision to sell your art or antiques, then there are several ways in which to do it. We have separated this into subheadings to help you choose the right option for you. Remember, if you thought selling was the only option, you can contact Borro on 1-888-519-1552 to arrange a secured loan against these valued assets, with no credit checks and reasonable short term APR rates.

Selling Art & Antiques
When it comes to art and antiques, there are just so many categories, from impressionist paintings to contemporary portraits and pottery to glassware, commemoratives and even toys. This means there are numerous specialist sellers and dealers - just see this list of departments at Christie's auctioneers to gain an insight. Before you do anything, you should have your items properly valued. While some experts will charge for this, Borro offer an expert appraisal service and will even courier the item to our team of art and antiques experts. In the meantime here your selling options:

Private Sale
This is where you can agree a sale with individuals not necessarily tied to any dealership, antique shop or auction house, such as private collectors or members of the general public. This is a great way of making sure who your item goes to, particularly if it holds sentimental value and you do not necessarily want it to be sold to the first bidder. Conversely, by approaching certain individuals, you are limiting your audience and in doing so potentially missing out on a better offer, also leaving less room for negotiation.

Auction houses offer a great platform from which to offload your art & antiques because they attract a large audience, give your items advertising exposure in advance and, should there be more than one interested party, can help your item exceed its estimated value. However, there are drawbacks - the average waiting time is usually 2-4 weeks, but should your item fall within a particular specialist category such as ‘Royal Commemoratives' then you may have to wait months to see the antique(s) or art come to auction. If you need to get hold of cash quickly, you can always use Borro to value your items and obtain a loan within 24 hours, getting your money and selling the item, without the long wait.

Similar to using a broker, you can target a certain shop/specialist dealer to sell an item for you. In doing so, you are supporting local businesses as well as choosing the situation/market/clientele to which the antique will be sold. However, you will not be paid immediately. Normally funds will not be released until the item has sold, at which point the vendor will take a consignment fee in commission - usually 15-30%. This can also be arranged online via an online antique shop.

Car Boot/Garage Sale
Generally, this is a fantastic place to bargain hunt and an unwise place to sell. People at car boot sales are not necessarily experts in a field and therefore are more likely to be looking for bargains than specialist items. You would be doing yourself a disservice to sell anything of value here.

Online markets (e.g. eBay)
Online markets, such as eBay, provide what is probably the quickest way of selling your item. You might also try Etsy which focusses on arts and crafts and would be particularly suitable for vintage/antique items. Having said that, if you are looking to sell purely due to temporary financial hardship, we would recommend you consider taking a loan against the item in question, where rates are low, loan periods are short, and no credit checks are needed. To find out more call Borro on 1-888-519-1552.

If you do decide to sell and go down the eBay route, you run the risk of people not paying and/or your item not selling. In this case, you will have to continue to pay insertion fees until the item sells. On the other hand, people can bid for your item in the same way as at a real auction house, pushing the price of your item(s) up. This also opens up your item to the widest possible audience (worldwide) and is very easy to set-up.

What other options do I have/what are the alternatives?

There are a number of other options to selling your art/antiques, and these all take the form of loans.

Your first option is to obtain an unsecured loan. This is based purely on your credit history and financial background and, should this not be positive, will either make it very difficult to get a loan, or dictate extortionately high interest rates.

However, you can get round this and use your art/antiques as collateral for a secured loan. This is calculated purely against the value of the item. Loan firms, such as Borro, will take hold of your valuable(s) for a short period of time, and can offer much more favourable rates and terms.

If you do decide to opt for a loan, we would suggest for art/antique collections worth $5,000 and under, to use our online pawnbroker directory. For larger loans against items and art/antique collections of over $5,000 we would advise using Borro, where we have valuations experts and specialists with a wealth of experience from the art and antiques sector.

Where can I buy art or antiques?

Although we can offer advice on selling and borrowing, we find a lot of our customers asking where to buy art and antiques from. Even if you are looking to sell, this can be a good thing to investigate to see it from the buyer's point-of-view.

A Guide to Buying Art

There are a number of platforms through which one can purchase art. These are:

These days it is incredibly easy to buy online. However, make sure when purchasing from an online retailer that they are a legitimate, well-respected business. Do they have an in-house valuation team? Have they won any awards? Do they receive positive feedback?

At a gallery
Buying art from a gallery allows you to see the original piece displayed and judge how it might look in your home. Attending an art gallery can also give you a good insight into what's selling, particularly important if you are considering an investment. However, art galleries can be intimidating places - you should never feel pressurised into buying.

Through an art dealer
Art dealers should be there to help you access what you want. If they have something on their books that matches your interests it is their job to source those and similar pieces of artwork and, where possible, to create a dialogue between you and the artist in question. A word of caution though: art dealers tend to have specific interests and collections. If they don't have the type of thing you want featured in their catalogue, move on, or run the risk of being sold something outside of your specifications and tastes.

At auction
Buying art at auction houses allows you to plan your bid in advance of the big day via catalogues/see whether any items take your fancy. If you are looking for contemporary art for investment and wish to find new up-coming talent, chances are these types of works won't be featuring in auction houses just yet. Having said that, if you can find something rare that you are well informed of being a good investment, auction houses might be the only way of procuring such items. Our advice would be to consider carefully the artefact you want to bid for and set yourself a limit - it is very easy to get carried away and while you may be lucky and get the item for a steal, you could just as easily find your heart deciding for your head and end up paying well-over the asking price: to be approached with preparation and caution.

What can I get for my antiques or art collection?

For an in depth guide to assessing the value of your antiques or fine art collection, please have a look at our Value of Art page. In the meantime, here you can see the typical amounts our customers have received for their items:


$25,000 Valuation

Andy Warhol

$20,000 Valuation

Peter Blake Kennedy Jones

$40,000 Valuation

Jack Vettrianio

$25,000 Valuation

Dylan Lewis

$50,000 Valuation

Keith Harring

$15,000 Valuation

Ivon Hitchens

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