5 Best Websites for Jewelry News

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It’s important for us luxury jewelry lovers to keep up to date with the hottest trends, so Borro has compiled a list of the 5 Best Websites for Jewelry News.

5) Jewels du Jour

Jewels du Jour

Why Borro Loves Jewels du Jour: Occasions and trends

This website has great coverage on those most see auctions and events for jewelry lovers. It focuses on key trends of the market such the top ten jewels, red carpet coverage and important exhibitions.

4) Jewellery Monthly

jewellery monthly

Why Borro Loves Jewellery Monthly: Occasions and trends

This website is great for discovering the upcoming jewelry trends and finding gifts for holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. The site also has a great section for those who are engaged, with lots of advice about wedding rings.

3) Professional Jeweller

professional jeweller

This website is great for reading about particular brands and people in the UK jewelry business. You can expect to find out about who is breaking headlines in the world of all things jewels. There are sections with opinions and interviews to give you an insiders’ view of the industry.

2) National Jeweler

national jeweler

Why Borro Loves National Jeweler: US Industry News

National Jeweler is a great source of information about the jewelry market in the US. You can read about the executives from specific luxury jewelry companies, key designers, major products and trends.

1) Luxury Daily

luxury daily

Why Borro Loves Luxury Daily: Ticks all the boxes!

The luxury daily is a website that focuses on all kinds of luxury assets, but we believe its jewelry section deserves the top spot on this list. The reason for this is that it acts as a combination of all the strong points of the sites previously listed. It looks at what jewelry brands are working on, from campaigns to product launches, to that nature of the market itself.

That completes our list of the top 5 Jewelry Websites to follow! If you want to suggest any more sites or blogs that you feel would be worth sharing, tweet us at @borrobuzz

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