Millennial’s Luxury Brands of Choice

Luxury expenditure became more and more common towards the end of noughties among the younger generations. The world now has more people in their twenties with sizable disposable income than ever before, looking for millennial luxury brands to spend it on. From vloggers and bloggers to instagrammers and start up creatives, the young entrepreneurs of... Read More

Where to Invest in Property? These Cities may be Your Answer

Foreign investment in property has recently affected the housing markets in a number of different countries that are now seeing a flux of growth. From the US to the Far East, certain cities are constantly evolving into the latest hot-spots for investment in real estate. Although some capital cities including New York, Rome and Tokyo... Read More

Art Loans are Booming

Fine Art is an asset that can see large sums of investment. We’ve previously covered how Fine Art sums up as an investment, concluding that art is something you should invest into if you really enjoy the medium of creativity and have a lot of knowledge on the topic. Though, as with all asset area,... Read More

Where Wealthy Individuals are Donating Their Money

Tim Cook - $800 M Tim Cook recently spoke upon donating away $800 million of his tech earned fortunes after he had paid for his nephew’s education. To who or where he has yet to specify, but his previous public advocacies of human rights, equality, climate change and the prevention of HIV/Aids have been mused... Read More

Fine Art as an Investment

Investing in art is complex. The question is Fine art a good investment is one which should be tackled with the open perspective that what art itself is has yet to truly be defined. This view is to give you some insight into the infinite facets that make up a piece of art’s value. Buying... Read More

Are Cartier Watches a Good Investment?

When it comes to investing in fine watches, Cartier isn’t the brand that usually springs to mind. The idea of owning a watch from a brand like Rolex seems a lot more appealing due to their perceived value, but of course there is no guarantee that any watch will hold its value, regardless of who... Read More

Appreciating Ferrari

The history of Ferrari is one which is an inspiration to race car and luxury car lovers alike. The company’s hard earned success and status, founded in the innovation and genius of Enzo Ferrari, is maintained by the engineering of the modern Ferrari team and is exercised by the skill of the drivers that handle... Read More

The Ferrari Testarossa Auction Resurgence

The classic car market has seen the Ferrari Testarossa make a comeback with a rise in interest through recent auctions. The car was once worth $181,000 in 1989, but recent auction sales have seen a 1991 model of the vehicle reach the price of $306,093 . While the 1991 model maybe an ideal specimen of Ferrari... Read More

Faberge Eggs – Stories of Value

The value of some of the remaining 43 Faberge eggs of the original 50 have inspired acts of theft, extreme auction bids and have even transformed the life of an unassuming scrap dealer. These are just a few of their stories. (more…)

The Most Expensive Paintings

When Will You Marry? is the English translation of the world’s most expensive painting from the Tahitian Napfea faa Ipoipo. The current most expensive painting in the world is by French Impressionist Paul Gauguin and was privately sold for $300m in February 2015 by Rudolf Staechelin, to an unknown Qatari buyer. Currently, the artwork resides... Read More