Luxury Assets Provide an Elegant Solution for Tax bills

Managing an estate can lead to a catch-22 where estate tax bills must be settled before the beneficiaries can access the estate but the beneficiaries do not have sufficient liquidity without the funds held in estate. Similarly, clients facing large Capital Gains tax bills have normally liquidated assets to use the funds for a specific... Read More

Monterey Classic Car Week 2017 Review

Monterey Classic Car Week is one of the most exciting events in the automotive calendar. Global and regional auction houses hold four to five days of sales of cars and automobilia, enthusiasts assemble a huge array of vehicles from classics to clunkers, and the week ends with a bang at the annual Pebble Beach Concours... Read More

5 Moments of Art in the Movies

As we previously showcased, luxury assets show up a lot in film and television. We decided to do a follow up post just about art and artists showing up in films. Below are five of our favorite appearances of art in the movies. Spellbound, Alfred Hitchcock (1945) Alfred Hitchcock’s psychological thriller starring Ingrid Bergman and... Read More

Luxury Assets in Film and TV

Luxury assets often make appearances in films and TV shows. Some, like The Thomas Crowne Affair give luxury assets a starring role, the desire for them creating conflict, driving the plot. Others use them to define their characters – would James Bond be the same without his cars? Sometimes though, luxury assets in film appear... Read More

Luxury Assets Are a Brexit Hedge

Borro is predicting a move towards hard assets, including luxury assets such as art and classic cars, as Britain reacts to the referendum result. The morning the UK’s referendum results were published, gold rose by 6% – 20% if sterling fluctuations were taken into account – an indicator that investors are seeking protection against market... Read More

Brexit: How will the UK art and antiques trade vote?

On January 1, 1973 the Union Jack was raised at the EEC headquarters in Brussels to mark Britain’s entry into the Common Market. Forty-three years later – an era in which the art and antiques business has evolved beyond all recognition – debate continues as to the merits of a politico-economic union now representing 28... Read More

The Watches of Switzerland – the Be All and End All?

So far in our (literal) journey through time, we’ve covered the history of the wristwatch, as well as the technological and mechanical advancements watchmakers have made over the years. What we haven’t covered is watch nationalities - frequently the industry, bloggers and horology writers mention the word ‘Swiss’ in the same breath as ‘watch’. But... Read More

Is an Electric Guitar a Good Investment? Part 2

In part one of this blog we covered the history of the electric guitar and how the rarity and condition of a guitar impacts its value. In part two, we’ll discuss the importance of provenance and finally how to choose the best guitar to meet one’s needs. Provenance Source: The Telegraph Celebrity ownership of a... Read More