How is High-End Jewelry Defined?

The terms for defining different types of jewelry has always been somewhat ambiguous. What determines if a piece of jewelry fits under the header of costume/fashion jewelry or fine/high-end jewelry? Even though there are basic industry standards for what differentiates the two, the line that separates them has become increasingly blurred over the years. The... Read More

Authenticating Jewelry

Imitation jewelry is a fact of life and has been around for centuries. Today, there are so many well-made copies it can be quite scary for many shoppers who purchase pre-owned items: how do you know if your hard-earned money is being spent on the real thing?  Authenticating Jewelry has become an art. Thankfully, there... Read More

The Value of Gold Investment

Importance of Gold in Ancient Civilizations Since the beginning of recorded history civilization has regarded gold to be a symbol of status and wealth. It has been used as an enduring symbol to express some of the most important rituals and stories of a culture. In Ancient Egypt, for example, it was used to decorate... Read More

The True Value of an Olympic Medal

[caption id="attachment_9323" align="alignnone" width="640"] CREDIT: REUTERS[/caption] For the last several months we have been hearing all about the athletes competing in their respective disciplines at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games to win one of three medals - bronze, silver or gold.  One can imagine that for these athletes winning one of these medals is... Read More

Van Cleef & Arpels – A Retrospective

Van Cleef & Arpels’ reputation in the jewelry world is founded on its unyielding commitment to craftsmanship, beauty, and innovation. Through the marriage of Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef, two prominent jeweler’s families came together to establish Maison Van Cleef & Arpels at Place Vendome in Paris in 1906. By seeking out the most... Read More

Authenticating An Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Sophisticated counterfeits of luxury watches have become prolific on the market in recent years. While original paperwork verifying the details of the watch is a good sign of its authenticity, it is not always available to a potential buyer of a pre-owned watch. It’s important, therefore, for anyone in the business of buying and selling... Read More

Patek Philippe – Highlights of Watch-Making Excellence

Creating a Foundation Tradition. Rarity. Quality. Class. These are words synonymous with one of the world’s most powerful luxury watch brands, Patek Philippe. The start of the Patek Philippe journey dates back to 1839 in Geneva, Switzerland where two Polish immigrants, Antoine Norbet de Patek and Francois Czapek, established a partnership known as Patek, Czapek... Read More

5 Tips for Buying Diamonds Online

Ideally, a diamond should be purchased after viewing it in person to see how it interacts with the light around it. Because no two diamonds are the same, the viewing experience for each will be unique. Since more and more consumers are taking advantage of the convenience that shopping online offers, the diamond industry has... Read More

The Paul Newman Rolex Daytona Watch

[caption id="attachment_8301" align="alignnone" width="635"] Paul Newman Rolex Daytona Cosmograph[/caption] The Paul Newman Rolex Daytona is arguably the most iconic and sought after watch by watch collectors today. Purportedly coined by vintage Rolex enthusiasts sometime in the 1980’s the term ‘Paul Newman Daytona’ became synonymous with the Rolex Daytona watch variety that is defined by its... Read More