Car-themed Watches: A Vehicle for Success?

You’ve probably noticed the ubiquity of partnerships between automotive and watchmaking companies. Aside from the obvious benefits associated with the sponsorship of any commonplace product, why is this trend so popular? What ties watchmaking to car manufacturing to such an extent that collaboration between the two industries is no longer newsworthy in itself, but rather... Read More

The Rise of In-flight Watch Thefts

Once you’ve decided which luxury wristwatch (or wristwatches) you want to purchase, what’s the worst possible thing you can imagine happening after you strap it on for the first time? Source: Author You could drop it, but that’s no big deal – even though it’s expensive, any decent after-sales department can fix up a modern... Read More

The Tantalizing Appeal of Pre-Owned Watches

There can be many reasons to invest in a pre-owned wristwatch. The basest of which can be nothing more complex than stylistic preference or cost restraints. But beyond personal taste and astute budgeting, why should we look to the past as a good place to put our hard-earned cash? The banks have long been a... Read More

Inside Watchmaking: Selecting a Summer Watch

It’s that time of year again. The sun is coming out after months of hibernation. And even though this article is far more suited to the States than it is the British Isles I call home, I’ll play ball just for the sake of it and provide some tips for selecting a summer watch. So... Read More

Shapes Within Shapes – A New Watchmaking Trend

There's something happening with the watch industry about which you're bound to find something you like. Why? Because thanks to trend evolution cycling its way through pretty much every imaginable (and one or two previously-thought unimaginable) case shapes, the latest fancy of designers on high seems to be to use them all at once. I... Read More

Inside Watchmaking: A Case Coating Conundrum

Case making is an art, but it was not why people used to buy watches. The accuracy of timepieces in the early days was far less reliable than it is today, and, for that reason, a premium was placed on refined mechanisms. Watches were rarely used for sport and so case integrity was not so... Read More

Watch Investments for Work and Play

I'm defining a watch as suitable for both work and play as something that is robust and refined. When I say robust, I don't mean bulky or imposing; I mean of a solid aesthetic. And when I say refined I do not mean fiddly and fancy; I mean clean and crisp. I wanted to come-up... Read More

Top Five Takeaways from Baselworld 2016

An accidental visitor to Baselworld might wonder if they’ve stumbled into an alternate dimension populated entirely by beautiful women, who surround themselves with objects made of precious materials so ubiquitous it can, at times, lose all impact as you allow yourself to glide by booth after booth of bedazzling beauty. The week-long event is an... Read More