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Our Chief Commercial Officer, Claire Hillier, joined to discuss the personalized services Borro Private Finance provides to clients that enables them to raise liquidity efficiently and discreetly.

“Whether it’s hefty legal bills, private school tuition or an unpredictable cash flow, there are several reasons why high net-worth individuals may need to raise liquidity in a timely manner. Yet regulatory issues can make it difficult to access loans from traditional lenders, whatever your financial status, says Claire Hillier, Chief Commercial Officer for international private lender Borro Private Finance.

Difficulty in raising liquidity can lead individuals to methods of funding that can hurt their financial plans. “Wealth managers tell me that if they are doing a good job at managing their client’s money they just shouldn’t have large quantities of cash sitting around”…..”

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Dylan Breger
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Dylan is the Associate Marketing Manager at Borro Private Finance and covers the trends of all luxury asset classes