Calvin and Hobbes break world record

An original cartoon strip of Calvin and Hobbs has set a new world record for the most valuable piece of newspaper comic strip ever sold at auction.

Drawn by Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes have become a part of comic book pop culture and this sale will have cemented the characters in the history books.

The sale was hosted by Heritage auctions, as part of a ‘Vintage Comics and Comics Art’ event. When the watercolour painting went under the hammer, it sold for £127,592, smashing the previous world record of £71,133 for a ‘Peanuts’ original.

Todd Hignite, Heritage Auctions vice president, commented on the result of the sale: “A world record price like this is a testament to just how beloved ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ was and is. The final price realised tops any offering from any cartoonist ever, including the giants like Charles [Schulz], Winsor McKay and Elzie Segar.”

Thought he was not surprised to see Calvin and Hobbes break world records with their strip auction, he added this sale could be just the beginning for growing prices for antique cartoon strips.

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