Are Cartier Watches a Good Investment?

When it comes to investing in fine watches, Cartier isn’t the brand that usually springs to mind. The idea of owning a watch from a brand like Rolex seems a lot more appealing due to their perceived value, but of course there is no guarantee that any watch will hold its value, regardless of who made it.

A Cartier Watch as an Investment

Cartier Watches

Usually when a watch becomes a good investment it becomes an iconic model that results in acting the role of a mascot for the brand. Watches can appreciate for multiple reasons that are nearly impossible to predict, for example the Cartier Tank watch’s history which has become a legend within the brand has assisted in the watch model appreciation. A watch that’s design was inspired by the armoured vehicle which it is named after, the prototype of the Cartier Tank watch was first presented to the General John Pershing from the American Expeditionary Force as a gift in his service during World War 1 (1). With this kind of legacy and historical significance, a watch has a more likely chance of appreciating, but yet a good story may not be enough to enhance a watches value.

Cartier was an early innovator for luxury watches and as such, meaning the brands vintage watches can appear in auctions that can capture a large sum. Among the collection of Cartier watches for women up for auction at Christies currently is the Ladies Tank Model Ref.2625 for the sum of $18,800, but is a model that has previously sold at Christies auctions for $21,053 and $12,898 within the last few years. The rate for which a luxury timepiece may sell at varies because of factors such as the case metal, the watches condition and the manufacturer. In terms of the case metal, it is obvious that a Cartier gold watch will most likely be worth more than a Cartier steel one, however, if the watches condition is compromised by wear and tear, the value of the watch will be lessened regardless of the precious metals it’s comprised of.

Cartier Watches

While a Cartier watch can be found in online jewellery stores, buying a watch second hand from a website such as is also a viable option. Cartier watches for men such as a Cartier Roadster watch or a Cartier Santos watch model can be found on the website for the starting prices of approximately $1000 – $1200, while a more valuable second hand model like the Cartier Ballon Bleu has the estimated starting value of approximately $3,000. Another variant of the popular Cartier watch model the Must De Cartier watch can be found on the website at the starting price of approximately $500.

Cartier as a Brand

Cartier is a historic brand worth $9.6 billion, according to Forbes and has been selling its fine watches to royalty for over a century and has a focus on design that characterise each of their models with a unique sense of style. Their watches are something that truly shine as pieces of jewelery and have enticed some inspiring figures to purchasing from them as well have been inspired by others.

One example of this being when the pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont  and friend of none other than Lewis Cartier himself complained to him about having to delve into his pocket to check the time as he was flying the plane. This triggered Cartier to produce a flat squared wristwatch which could be easily checked during flight and so the first wristwatch for men was created; the Cartier Santos in 1904.

Cartier Santos Watch

Whether it is a Cartier watch or a Rolex, the watch you decide to purchase should of course be the result of what you believe you will enjoy wearing the most. It is for these reasons that you should buy a Cartier watch not because you believe it be a good investment, but because you enjoy wearing the timepiece and the way it makes you feel. So rather than thinking on whether a Cartier watch is a good investment, consider more so is a Cartier watch a good investment for yourself rather than your bank? Of course if you reach the conclusion that it is and that particular watch happens to hold its value or even increases in value, it will be a very nice bonus.


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