What is the Potential Impact of the Trump Tax Plan on the Art Market?

[caption id="attachment_11128" align="alignnone" width="1280"] Source: YouTube[/caption] Revised Trump Tax Plan Since May, there have been many adjustments that have been made to foreign and domestic policies in the US. One major development has come with President Trump's new tax plan and the administration’s efforts to try and eliminate the estate tax. The removal of this... Read More

How Abolishing Estate Taxes Impacts Art Collectors

With President Trump's new proposed tax plan that was revealed on April 26, there are many changes that have the potential to affect people across a broad spectrum. One of the key proposals is the elimination of estate taxes. Abolishing estate taxes impacts art collectors and their heirs. While the potential long term of effects... Read More

Important Tax Tips for Art Collectors

[caption id="attachment_9840" align="alignnone" width="625"] Source: Getty Images[/caption] For art collectors, there are few things as precious or meaningful to them than their carefully curated collection. While an art collection can provide a great deal of satisfaction and fulfillment to an art enthusiast, it can also come with unexpected tax impositions. In order to avoid paying... Read More