We’re in the News: “In debt we trust: the rise of art-secured lending”

Borro Private Finance was featured in an article focused on art based lending in The Art Newspaper, learn more below. The rapid growth in the number of loan providers, from private banks to specialist lenders, could transform the art market’s relationship with the financial markets. Warhol or a Wool hanging on your wall may give... Read More

We’re in the News: Is Fine Art a Good Investment?

Gabrielle Segal, our Fine Art Business Development Manager, was recently featured in an article published by Market Currents Wealth Management to answer the question, "Is Fine Art a Good Investment?" Read the full article on marketcurrentswealthmanagement.com. In 2005, a consortium of art dealers paid $10,000 for a damaged painting at a New Orleans auction. What... Read More

Borro Private Finance Featured on WealthManagement.com

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Claire Hillier, joined WealthManagement.com to discuss the personalized services Borro Private Finance provides to clients that enables them to raise liquidity efficiently and discreetly. “Whether it’s hefty legal bills, private school tuition or an unpredictable cash flow, there are several reasons why high net-worth individuals may need to raise liquidity in... Read More

Art Secured Financing: What You Need to Know

Ashley Lockwood, UK Business Development Manager for lender Borro, agrees, adding that demand for art-secured lending is increasing. "As the value and frequency of art transactions increases, so does the need for alternative financing solutions that enable clients to seize opportunities," he says. "Much like a property portfolio, an art portfolio can be utilized to... Read More

Stop dreaming and start buying with a little help from Borro

Tired of just dreaming about adding the classic and collectable cars in the Classic Driver Market to your garage? Borro offers a loaning opportunity that might make your dreams a reality. We spoke to the company's executive vice-president and managing director of global originations, Claire Hillier. How long has Borro been offering classic car and... Read More