Borro Makes Top 20 of SME Export Track 100

Luxury asset and property lender Borro has been ranked 20th on the Sunday Times Heathrow SME Export Track 100. The Export Track 100 ranks Britain's SMEs by their international sales growth over their last two financial years. Borro maintains offices in New York and Los Angeles, allowing it to service clients and their advisors across the... Read More

Borro helped Star Wars designer battle George Lucas

Borro funded original Star Wars industrial designer Andrew Ainsworth as he fought director George Lucas in court for distribution rights. Ainsworth needed £100,000 to pay for legal fees as he wrestled for the right to sell Stormtrooper sets of armour in the UK using the mould he created in 1976. Borro raised the funds against... Read More

Art Plays a Growing Role as Collateral

Art-secured lending takes two main forms, recourse and nonrecourse. Private banks typically offer recourse loans, meaning the art serves as collateral for the loan but the borrower also has to give a personal guarantee of repayment. That means if the borrower defaults and the bank can't recover the full amount of the loan by selling... Read More

A New Option to Borrow Against the Porsche

A specialized lender is offering expanded options to affluent individuals who want to borrow against treasures such as jewelry, art, antiques, wine collections and valuable cars. Borro, a "luxury-asset-based lender"—like a high-end pawnbroker—entered the U.S. market three years ago making short-term "bridge" loans. For example, someone might finance a child's private-school tuition by borrowing against... Read More

Asset Backed Loans – A New Way of Borrowing Money

Most people don't like to be in situations where they need to borrow money, and when they do, they often have little choice beyond asking their rich uncle for the 10th time. And it's even more challenging if they don't have the usual assets to borrow against such as a home, auto, savings, investments, securities,... Read More

Borro Banks $19.5 Million for Online Luxury Lending Platform

Operating an online luxury asset lending platform featuring fine wine, art, antiques and other luxury goods, Borro Inc. originated $75 million in loans last year to cash-poor, asset-rich individuals. That amount, which generated $20 million in revenue, was up 80% from the previous year. The startup's growth, along with its unique niche within a large... Read More