She Leveraged Her Jewels to Grow Her Business

Christine Dente had been in the apparel business for more than 20 years and head of her own company, Second Skin, since 2005, when a health crisis threw her for a loop and put her business in a precarious position. Second Skin designs and develops private label women's fashion clothing for major brands including Target,... Read More

3 Alternatives to Bank Loan Financing

When you need money for your business it's important to carefully weigh your options. Taking out a loan to launch an unproven business probably isn't the best idea, for example. But for established companies that need capital to invest in equipment or inventory or to expand operations, a loan can be a life-saver. Here are... Read More

Everett Native Behind Sale of $6.88M Corvette SR-2

The very first 1956 Corvette SR-2 Racer, one of only three ever built and one of two left in existence, is going on sale for a cool $6.88 million. "Cool" is definitely the operative word here. The rare car will be on display at the Scottsdale Sport and Classic MotorCars in Arizona from January 12... Read More

Is The World Series Commissioner’s Trophy The Most Valuable Trophy In Sports?

The Commissioner's Trophy — which is awarded to the World Series Champion — is 30 pounds of sterling silver and stands two feet high. Additionally, the Trophy also includes 30 gold-plated flags that symbolize each Major League Baseball franchise. How does the Commissioner's Trophy compare to some of the other major U.S. professional sports leagues... Read More

High-Class Personal Asset Lender Fills a Lending Void

When Heather Robinson needed money to start a sports-apparel line, she turned to an unusual lender, offering a prized possession as collateral: a bronze nude torso sculpture. Ms. Robinson, who directs a Washington nonprofit, brought the 16-inch statue last month to a New York firm called Borro Inc., which immediately wired her $15,000. The interest... Read More

Alternative Lenders See Continued Growth

Pawning off your valuables may seem like an option of last resort when times get tough. But even as the economy improves, high-end pawn startups say business is better than ever. On Tuesday, U.K.-based startup Borro, which has had a location in New York City since 2012, announced it is opening a new office in... Read More

Q&A with Borro CEO Paul Aitken

While many industries struggled to recover from the recent recession, a few were growing naturally, in large part due to the worldwide belt-tightening. One example? High-end pawn brokers. With banks still hesitant to give loans, people with jewelry, art and even vintage wine, have gone to these brokers for a quick trade of assets for cash. Borro,... Read More