The Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

Christmas is near and Borro wants to make sure you celebrate in style. So, we’ve compiled a short list of the most expensive Christmas decorations.

The Christmas Tree Skirt: $1,650

Designer Jay Strongwater has created a beautiful gold velvet Arabesque Christmas tree skirt to give the tree a little extra glamour. What makes it special is that it is hand sewn with gold silk and is decorated with Swarovski crystals, and so is worth around $1,650.

The Christmas Tree Skirt

Nativity Set: $3,400

Christmas decorations are not complete without a classic nativity set. This three-piece set is hand-sculpted and painted in gold and covered in Swarovski crystals, placing its value at $3,400.

Nativity Set

The Bauble: $130,000

 The key to a wonderful Christmas tree is how well you decorate it, so why not decorate in style? 1578 diamonds worth of style. Hallmark Jewelers and the Embee Jewels of London came together in 2010 to create the ultimate Christmas bauble. It’s while gold and covered with diamonds and then surrounded by 2 rings with 188 rubies. It’s been valued by the National Associations of Jewelers at $130,000.

The Bauble

The Wreath: $4.6 million

Pasi Jokinen-Carter, a Finnish designer, created the most expensive wreath in the world in 2013. The classic shrubbery is coated in 17.49 karat rubies and 3.03 karat yellow diamonds, placing its value at $4.6 million.

The Wreath

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