We’re in the News: Borro Private Finance Is the Simple, Sophisticated Approach to Luxury Asset Lending

The boutique finance firm Borro Private Finance provides the most efficient, flexible, and discreet way to leverage luxury assets as capital for securing a loan. Borro Private Finance’s network of accredited specialist appraisers facilitate a seamless process for creating liquidity with non-bank lending options, including sale-advance and 6-month and 12-month term loans. These unique credit solutions—offering loans as high as $5 million per asset—enable borrowers to seize key opportunities and address unplanned expenses, empowering them with absolute autonomy over their financial futures.

Founded in 2008, Borro Private Finance has cultivated a team of accredited specialist experts appraisers from around the world who work with clients throughout the United States and United Kingdom to leverage their investments in fine art, classic cars, high-end jewelry and watches, and other collectible items. Rather than exhausting these non-liquid assets through private sales or auctions, Borro Private Finance clients can capitalize on the monetary value of their items without losing the assets or waiting for the sale to go through,” says Claire Hillier, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer. Borro Private Finance can make capital available much quicker than traditional banks. The terms are simple:

  • Minimum loan value: $100,000

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Dylan Breger
About the Author:

Dylan is the Associate Marketing Manager at Borro Private Finance and covers the trends of all luxury asset classes