The Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina… By Invite Only

The Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina concept car showcased earlier this year in London, is no longer just a concept. 6 models of the car have been produced and can be purchased through invitation only.

However, the golden ticket hunt for one of these invitations unfortunately will be non-existent, due to the 6 models already being pre-sold. The Ferrari Sergio price is supposedly going to cost these sinister six $3 million each. The exclusivity of these cars is an amplification of the brands overall recipe for success, which Ferrari are seeking to capitalize on even further by limiting production of Ferrari models to just 7000 a year.

Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina Specifications

  • The top speed of the Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina is 198mph
  • The chassis of the car was based on the Ferrari 458 Spider model
  • 4.5 litre V8 Engine
  • 562 Horsepower
  • The Ferrari Sergio can reach 0 – 100 in 3.4 seconds

Virtual Windscreen

The car itself lacks a front windscreen as well as side windows, but an air-foil placed into the bonnet works to deflect the air away from the passenger seats, creating a virtual windshield (1). The various implementations to compensate for the lack of windscreen all work in conjunction to push the air up and over the passenger seats, making a ride in this beautiful car wind free. The loss of aerodynamics caused by the lack of windscreen has been countered with a wing inserted into the front bumper of the car (1). The car’s curvatures and minimalistic design make it appear as though it belongs in a time and place a lot more impressive than our own.

The Inspiration of the Concept

The Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina was a concept car that was created in honour of the late Sergio Pininfarina, who passed away at the age of 85 on 3rd July 2012. He was instrumental in developing the relationship between Ferrari and Pininfarina and it was from this fruitful relationship that the Ferrari F40 was born; a car designed by Sergio and personally approved of by Enzo Ferrari for the company’s 40th anniversary (2).

Paolo Pininfarina, Sergio’s son and current Chairman of the Pininfarina Group stated:

My father would be proud of this concept car because it expresses the aesthetic values that always inspired him: the purity of the lines, the harmony of form, and balance. Furthermore, he would be happy with this latest concept on Ferrari base, a brand to which we are related by a history that has helped define the most beautiful cars of all time in an evolution that has lasted 60 years and shows no sign of ending”. (3)

The Ferrari P4/5

The Ferrari Sergio, however, is not the first unique Ferrari car to be developed by Pininfarina. The company also produced a one off model, the Ferrari P4/5, which was developed from a Ferrari Enzo for the film director James Glickenhaus.

The model is a one of a kind and cost $4 million to produce. The film director chose to produce a race model of the P4/5 to enter into the 24 hours Nurburgring race in 2011 which finished in 39th place, after bursting into flames (4).

The Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina and P4/5 are both exceptional and unique assets to own, but what Ferrari models would make even more impressive assets? Perhaps one of these models… 






About the Author:

Adam is a freelance writer that focuses on luxury asset trends for Borro Private Finance.