The Ferrari Testarossa Auction Resurgence

The classic car market has seen the Ferrari Testarossa make a comeback with a rise in interest through recent auctions. The car was once worth $181,000 in 1989, but recent auction sales have seen a 1991 model of the vehicle reach the price of $306,093 . While the 1991 model maybe an ideal specimen of Ferrari Testarossa with a low mileage, a 1986 model of the vehicle will soon be up for auction at Bonhams with expectations for it to fetch the lesser sum of $117,000 – £141,000. The flat 12 engine the 80s classic has to offer has been identiied as a part of the allure to the Testarossa.

ferrari testarossa red
Graeme Maclean. Distributed under a CC-BY 2.0 license. ferrari testarossa

The Ferrari Testarossa is a car which inhabits the essence of the 80s, an icon of the Ferrari fleet which came to feature in the Miami Vice TV series and a vehicle which quite simply oozes style. With a top speed of 180 mph, the 1984 Testarossa can reach 0-60 in 5.2 seconds with it’s 4.9 litre Ferrari Colombo flat-12 mid mounted engine charging under its bonnet. Taking up the name of a Ferrari Classic, the Testarossa had a lot to live up to and has resulted in becoming a flagship car of the luxury car brand. Manufacturing of the Ferrari Testarossa began in 1984 and is the successor to the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer. Designed by Pininfarina, the Testarossa is one of the more common Ferrari’s in cirrculation with 7,177 having been produced; approximately 10,000 if you include the two revised models; the 512 TR and F512 M.

You can have any Colour, as long as it’s White

ferrari testarossa white front
Marty B. Distributed under a CC BY 2.0. Ferrari Testarossa Miami Vice

A replica Ferrari Daytona was the original car of choice for the boys from Miami Vice (1984) and it was catching notice within the TV show. Upon seeing such vehicular heresy, Enzo Ferrari offered the replacement of the fake Daytona for 2 black Testarossas in 1986. The fake was then unspontaneously combusted within the show and the Testarossas were introduced after a quick paint job to the car’s iconic shade of white. One of these 80’s mascot machines was acquired from the show’s network NBC by the Fort Laudedale Swap Shop for $750,000 and has supposedly been pursued by buyers for offers reaching up to $1,000,000.

Meanwhile, the other car was recently put up for auction for $1.75m on eBay last year by it’s owner Peter Lima which ended in January 2015.

ferrari testarossa white
photograph sourced by Russavia, distributed under a CC BY-SA 2.0 licence.

The car more recently reappeared on screens in the film The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), featuring the white Ferrari Testarossa with Leonardo Di Caprio cruising around with Margot Robbie. This car was not wrecked within the film, however, unlike the tragic loss of the Lambogurhini Countach.

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