Get to Know Your Watch

  1. Band End Piece – The part of the band that connects to the lugs of the watch.  The band size can be measured here
  2. Lug – Used to locate the model number and the serial number
  3. Cyclops – Describes the magnifying bubble on the crystal above the date wheel
  4. Crown – Describes the outer knob which is used to change the time and date of the watch
  5. Crystal – A clear cover over the dial
  6. Band – This can consist of different materials such as metal, leather or rubber and is wrapped around the wrist.  The length of this can be adapted to fit your wrist if too small or too big
  7. Bezel – The bezel is a metal ring which surrounds the dial and holds the glass of the watch face in place
  8. Dial – The face of the watch
  9. Date Wheel – shows the date
  10. Outer Bezel – Rotates and holds the bezel insert
  11. Markers/Indicators – Used in place of numbers to tell the time
  12. Stem and Tube – located under the crown and attaching to the watch
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