Holiday Buying Guide: Luxury Watches for Men

Continuing with our seasonal two-parter, here’s our suggestions for on-trend luxury watches for men. We’ve broken down the selections into broad categories in the hope that one of them applies to the man you are shopping for.

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Image courtesy of NOMOS Glashütte

A watch for… A jetsetter

The NOMOS Glashütte Zürich Weltzeit nachtblau is a great watch for the business professional that spends his life crossing time zones. The home time is displayed at 3 o’clock, while your current location is displayed at 12. A perfectly proportioned watch that drags the philosophies of the Deutscher Werkbund into the 21st century. It’s also one of the bigger, more imposing watches from this quaint German independent: A good deal at $6,100.

Image courtesy of Cartier

A watch for… A catwalk diva

Cartier has one of the finest jewellery departments in the world. Their creations – especially those centred around their iconic panther motif – are globally renowned. While that much bling might be a tad too far, no well-groomed gentleman would sniff at a classic Cartier Ballon Bleu – timeless, elegant, and just a dash of sparkle. Available from around $5,700.

Image courtesy of Omega

A watch for… A bookworm

Omega might seem like a strange choice because it’s such a mainstream brand, but their new Globemaster is about as suave as they come. Your biggest decision will likely be between the white and blue dial. Don’t ask me; I want them both. Available from $7,700.

Image courtesy of Sinn Watches

A watch for… An outdoorsman

If you want rugged, butt-kicking performance, look no further than Sinn watches. This under-the-radar German brand produces some of their watches in tegimented steel (super-scratch resistant submarine material). With the option of oil-filled cases for increased legibility, Sinn represents the dream timepiece for many adventurous men. The pick of the bunch for me is the Sinn EZM 10, retailing for $5,290, with a metal bracelet an optional extra for $560.

Image courtesy of Sjöö Sandström Watches

A watch for… The man that has everything

When in doubt, stick with class, but go off the beaten track in terms of brand. There’s so much good stuff out there in independent watchmaking right now, you’d be mad not to try and tap into some of these new brands that could, in ten years’ time, end up looking like a Coca-Cola penny stock. Head over to the Sjöö Sandström website and check out the Royal Capital in stainless steel. It’s around $8,650 and well worth it. With more umlauts than you can shake a stick at, this Swedish upstart is, for me, the pinnacle of discernment.

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About the Author: Fell Jensen is a Swiss-trained watchmaker working as an industry analyst.

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About the Author:

Fell Jensen is a Swiss-trained watchmaker working as an industry analyst.