Inspired Concept Nascar Cars

Nascar has developed its cars in conjunction with the health and safety regulated world we now live in. After the deaths of some of the sport’s most famous drivers, including Dale Earnhardt (A.K.A the Intimidator), the Car of Tomorrow project was launched and came to life in 2007, with a new series of safer cars. These Nascar cars, while improving each year, have been shunned by drivers and fans alike, who haven’t warmed to the latest boxier designs, not to mention their slower pace. With the latest nascar cars not meeting with some of the fans desires, where does the future of the Nascar model lie? These concept Nascar cars give us an insight into the things to come.

Nascar Concept C

Devised with the latest Nascar racing technologies in mind, this concept Nascar car looks to be an aerodynamic masterpiece. The sleek design of the C concept car is a step in a completely new direction from the current boxier looking Nascar models, with a shift towards a streamlined model rather than one that signifies the sports raw power. Designed for city road use, its fiberglass doors and sport seats offer its driver a similar Nascar experience for everyday driving; one that’s a little bit safer than storming down a race track with 42 other racers.

Ford Thunderfox

The Ford Thunderfox. This car has taken its influences from the Nascar Ford Thunderbird, exhibiting similarities to its sturdy and powerful design. With an everyday life appeal in mind, this concept Nascar car has been optimised for your local roads; giving its owner something to showcase around the neighbourhood.

 Legger 8B

Now here’s an inspired concept Nascar car which combines the stylish aesthetic of a more modern age, with the historic power of the sport that’s locked in 67 years of Nascar tradition. The 3D coupé model, designated Legger 8B, gives a fierce idea of what Nascar inspired coupés could look like in the future and what we could be seeing coasting through our streets in years to come.

Carolinian Nascar Racer

Inspired by an amphibian; this concept Nascar car can split into two parts, an idea contrived around the salamanders ability to grow back body parts. As a Nascar inspired racer, the Carolinian Nascar Racer has the ability to split into two different parts: One, a pick-up truck with a front mounted combustion engine, the other, a two seat sports car equipped with two electric motors at the rear. A versatile and practical concept.

Sunswift eVe

This car model is on track to becoming the world’s first street-legal solar-powered car. Featuring an inspired Nascar carbon fiber chassis; the Sunswift eVe is an electric car and a potential sign of things to come in a more eco-friendly world. The inspired concept Nascar car is currently still being put through its circuits in Australia.

These inspired concept Nascar cars give a broad idea of what the future holds for the sport and hopefully what we will be seeing more of in the Car of Tomorrow project.

Where will we see Nascar in 50 years? Only time will tell, but until that time comes…

If these particular futuristic Nascar cars come to fruition the sport may end up with just a bit more global attention. The sports current shift towards safety conscious regulations would however, most likely go out of the window and splatter on the side of the race track.

About the Author:

Adam is a freelance writer that focuses on luxury asset trends for Borro Private Finance.