Is The World Series Commissioner’s Trophy The Most Valuable Trophy In Sports?

The Commissioner’s Trophy — which is awarded to the World Series Champion — is 30 pounds of sterling silver and stands two feet high. Additionally, the Trophy also includes 30 gold-plated flags that symbolize each Major League Baseball franchise.

How does the Commissioner’s Trophy compare to some of the other major U.S. professional sports leagues and their respective hardware?

According to Borro, a global personal asset lender that provides capital to high net-worth individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs, the Trophy has an intrinsic value of just $7,600. In other words, if it was melted down, that would be the approximate price of the metal, with the current rate for silver being roughly $17.23 an ounce.

While it’s extremely difficult to determine the monetary value of the Commissioner’s Trophy on the open market, as General Manager of Borro, Tom McDermott explained, it’s estimated that it would be a few hundred thousand dollars to a million dollars.

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