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Who Are They?

Lucra Cars are a boutique manufacturer of supercars based in San Marcos, California. Founded in 2006 by English born Luke Richards, they produce lightweight high performance vehicles.

Why do they exist?

Richards wanted to blend the lightness and elegance of a European sports car with the uncompromising power of a V8 engine found in American muscle cars. ‘Street legal… but just barely” is the strapline that adorns their website and sums up the company’s ethos of pushing the envelope when it comes to design, performance and attitude.

What do they make?

The LC470 – a two door roadster with carbon fiber body and a V8 Mercedes engine. The body comes in one aerodynamic piece and weighs in at a staggeringly light 160 pounds. The car shuns optional luxury extras like GPS, mini-refrigerators and pop-up screens, this product is all about performance – it’s a car for drivers, not passengers.

Their newer model – the L148 – is a more expensive option, which does feature more of the usual luxuries, but compromises nothing in the way of style. In fact the L148 is one of the most eye-catching models we’ve ever seen, looking like it has been torn from the pages of a street racing graphic novel. It comes with a price tag of $250,000.

What do people say?

“The LC470 routinely runs away from the fastest Ferraris and outperforms Carrera GTs, Lotus’ and Lambo’s without a second thought. It is truly a one of a kind sports car.”

“It represents achieving a superb balance between power, transmission, suspension, and the ability to couple immense torque to the tarmac.”

“For $2.4 million, you can go out and buy a Bugatti … alternatively, you can spend a ton less money and end up with a car that’s just as quick to 60 mph.”

About the Author:

Joe wrote about luxury asset trends for Borro Private Finance.