Must-See May 2017 Auction Calendar

Sotheby’s and Christie’s dominate the May 2017 auction calendar covering three major luxury asset classes – watches, fine art and jewelry. Here are the auctions you won’t want to miss!

Sotheby’s Important Watches –  May 14th, Geneva

May 2017 Auction dates
Image Source: Sotheby’s

If you love unique timepieces then this auction is for you. The lot with the top estimate is this yellow gold Patek Philippe & Co Geneve pocket watch with Westminster chimes. It is expected to sell between $6-10 million.

Christie’s Post War and Contemporary Evening Sale – May 17th, New York

May 2017 Auction dates
Image Source: Artnet

Highlights of this sale include a Basquiat offered by collector Steve Cohen with estimates of $22 to $28 million. Completed in 1981, La Hara last came on the market in 1989 at Sotheby’s.

Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels sale: May 30th, Hong Kong

May 2017 Auction dates
Image source: National Jeweller

Christie’s has brought two unique pieces to this auction, including this 25.27 carat Jonker diamond. It is set to be the top lot with an estimate of $3.6 million

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AuctionAuction HouseVerticalStart DateLocationURL
Christie's jewels OnlineChristie'sJewelry & Watches05/02/2017Online
CollectionsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/02/2017London
Latin America: Modern Art OnlineSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/02/2017Online
Latin America: Contemporary Art OnlineSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/02/2017Online
Old MastersSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/03/2017London
19th Century European PaintingsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/03/2017New York
Deep Impact: Martian, Lunar and Other Rare MeteoritesChristie'sMemorabilia05/03/2017Online
American ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques05/03/2017Dallas
From Earth to FireSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/04/2017London
Arte Moderna e ContemporaneaSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/04/2017Milan
Carlo ScarpaChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/04/2017New York
Modern and Contemporary ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques05/05/2017New York
Picasso Ceramics OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/05/2017Online
Asian ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/08/2017London
Chinese works of artChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/09/2017London
Jewelry and WatchesChristie'sJewelry & Watches05/09/2017London
Travel, Atlases, Maps & Natural HistorySotheby'sMemorabilia05/09/2017London
Lapidary works of art, gemstones and natural historyBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/09/2017Los Angeles
Important Chinese ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/10/2017London
Finest and Rarest WinesSotheby'sFine Wine05/10/2017London
The Julius and Arlette Katchen Collection fo Fine Net SukeBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/10/2017London
Menagerie: An English Private Collection of Chinese Animal CarvingsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques05/10/2017London
Fine Chinese ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/11/2017London
The Jongen-Schleiper Collection of Fine ThangkasBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/11/2017London
Fine Japanese ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques05/11/2017London
ManuscriptsHeritageFine Art and Antiques05/11/2017Dallas
Chinese ceramics and works of artChristie'sFine Art and Antiques05/12/2017London
Illustration ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques05/12/2017Dallas
Fine ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques05/12/2017Dallas
The Aston Martin Works SaleBonhamsLuxury Cars5/13/2017London
Texas ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques5/13/2017Dallas
The May Sale 2017Silverstone AuctionsLuxury Cars5/13/2017Northamptonshire
Americana and PoliticalHeritageFine Art and Antiques5/13/2017Dallas
Important WatchesSotheby'sJewelry & Watches5/14/2017Geneva
Impressionist modern art and evening saleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/15/2017New York
Art of Africa, Oceania, and the AmericasSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/15/2017New York
Rare watches including a rolex afternoonChristie'sJewelry & Watches5/15/2017Geneva
Fine and Rare winesChristie'sFine Wine5/16/2017Geneva
Impressionist and modern art works on paperChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/16/2017New York
Impressionist and modern art day saleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/16/2017New York
An Educated EyeChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/16/2017Paris
20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening SalePhillipsFine Art and Antiques5/16/2017New York
Modern and Contemporary African ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/16/2017London
Impressionist & Modern Art Evening SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/16/2017New York
Watches and WristwatchesBonhamsJewelry & Watches5/16/2017London
Jackie Collins A life In ChaptersBonhamsJewelry & Watches5/16/2017Los Angeles
Post War and Contempoary ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques5/16/2017New York
Magnificent Jewels and Noble JewelsSotheby'sJewelry & Watches5/16/2017Geneva
Indy 2017MecumLuxury Cars5/16/2017Houston
LaliqueChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/16/2017London
Design Vente Du SoirChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/16/2017Paris
Magnificent JewelsChristie'sJewelry & Watches5/17/2017Geneva
Post-war and contemporary evening saleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/17/2017New York
The English CollectorChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/17/2017London
Mingei art of JapanChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/17/2017Online
American Art OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/17/2017Online
20th Century & Contemporary Art Day SalePhillipsFine Art and Antiques5/17/2017New York
Impressionist & Modern Art Day SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/17/2017New York
DesignSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/17/2017Paris
Diego GiacomettiSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/17/2017Paris
Finest and Rarest WinesSotheby'sFine Wine5/17/2017London
Fine Glass and British CeramicsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques5/17/2017London
Antique Arms and armourBonhamsFine Art and Antiques5/17/2017New York
Impressionist and Modern ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques5/17/2017New York
The Collection of the Late Lord Weidenfeld GBEChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/18/2017London
Post war and contemporary morning saleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/18/2017New York
Post war and contemporary afternoon saleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/18/2017New York
PhotographsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/18/2017London
PhotographsPhillipsFine Art and Antiques5/18/2017London
Contemporary Art Evening AuctionSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/18/2017New York
PhotographsHeritageFine Art and Antiques5/18/2017Dallas
ComicsHeritageFine Art and Antiques5/18/2017New York
Indian Art OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/18/2017Online
Picasso Man and Beast: Property from the collection of Marina PicassoSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/18/2017New York
Modern Sporting GunsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques5/18/2017London
African & OceanicChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/19/2017New York
Latin American Art OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/19/2017Online
Bande Dessine et IllustrationChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/19/2017Paris
Contemporary Art Day AuctionSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/19/2017New York
PhotographsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/19/2017London
Space ExplorationHeritageFine Art and Antiques5/19/2017Dallas
The Discerning EyeSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/19/2017London
The Don Scott Cellar: 50 Years of Collecting, Part IIISotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/20/2017New York
Exquisite Eye: Chinese Paintings OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/22/2017Online
Asian 20th century and contemporary art online: paper/editionsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/22/2017Online
Modern and Contemporary ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques5/22/2017New York
19th Century ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/23/2017New York
American ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/23/2017New York
Christie's watches onlineChristie'sJewelry & Watches5/23/2017Online
Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts and Continental BooksSotheby'sMemorabilia5/23/2017London
American ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/23/2017London
Musical ManuscriptsSotheby'sMemorabilia5/23/2017London
Home and InteriorsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques5/23/2017London
The world of gold, opals and other phenomenal gemsBonhamsJewelry & Watches5/23/2017Los Angeles
Watches, Wristwatches and ClocksBonhamsJewelry & Watches5/23/2017New York
African, Oceanic and pre-Columbian ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques5/23/2017Los Angeles
Latin American Art OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/24/2017New York
InteriorsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/24/2017London
Latin AmericaPhillipsFine Art and Antiques5/24/2017New York
European ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/24/2017London
European ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques5/24/2017Dallas
Modern and Contemporary South Asian ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques5/24/2017London
Lapidary works of art, gemstones, minerals and natural historyBonhamsFine Art and Antiques5/24/2017Los Angeles
American ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques5/24/2017New York
Latin American ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/25/2017New York
South Asian Modern and Contemporary ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/25/2017London
Arts of IndiaChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/25/2017London
Latin American Modern Art Evening SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/25/2017London
Latin American Contemporary Art Evening SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques5/25/2017New York
20th and 21st Century DesignHeritageFine Art and Antiques5/25/2017Dallas
Fine and Rare WinesBonhamsFine Art and Antiques5/25/2017London
Finest and Rarest Wines from an exceptional private collection direct from octavian vaultsChristie'sFine Wine5/26/2017Hong Kong
Fine and Rare WinesBonhamsFine Wine5/26/2017San Fransisco
Asian 20th century and contemporary art evening saleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/27/2017Hong Kong
Fine and Rare winesChristie'sFine Wine5/27/2017Hong Kong
Villa ErbaRM Sotheby'sLuxury Cars5/27/2017Italy
Asian 20th Century art day saleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/28/2017Hong Kong
Chinese Contemporary UKChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/29/2017Hong Kong
Fine Chinese Classical Paintings and CalligraphyChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/29/2017Hong Kong
Important WatchesChristie'sJewelry & Watches5/29/2017Hong Kong
Asian Contemporary Art Day SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/29/2017Hong Kong
Fine chinese modern paintingsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/30/2017Hong Kong
Hong Kong Magnificent JewelsChristie'sJewelry & Watches5/30/2017Hong Kong
Resplendent and Glorious - Ancient Temples Amidst Clouds Previously From The Mei Yun Tang CollectionChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/30/2017Hong Kong
Summertime Jewels OnlineSotheby'sJewelry & Watches5/30/2017Online
Handbags and accessoriesChristie'sJewelry & Watches5/31/2017Hong Kong
The Imperial Sale / Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/31/2017Hong Kong
The Perfect Countenance - Fine Buddhist Works of ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques5/31/2017Hong Kong
Adorning the Kings - A Private Collection of Archaic Jade PendantsChristie'sJewelry & Watches5/31/2017Hong Kong
Yongzheng Emporor's Double Dragon AmphoraChristie'sJewelry & Watches5/31/2017Hong Kong
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