New Batmobile Currently Worth Less than the Adam West Original

Chipping out for a new Batmobile would be a smart investment for billionaire Bruce Wayne of course, but what about your everyday real life billionaire? Would they deem any of the more modern batmobiles a smart investment? With the new Batmobile currently being worth less than the original it’s hard to imagine so.

The Original Batmobile

original batmobile

The original Batmobile sold last year for $4.6 million (1). Quite the mark up on a car that only cost $15,000 to produce (1). With the recent obsession for all things vintage and retro, it’s not surprising that this Batmobile has a hefty price tag worthy of a billionaire’s pocket change. Still, you would think the fact that its jet engine was actually a 5 gallon paint can would maybe shed a million or so off its value (2). When it comes to the more recent motors to take up the Batmobile legacy, despite the technological advancements, they don’t seem to quite match up to their predecessor’s price margin.

Fun Fact: George Barris, the car’s designer, once got a ticket while driving the original Batmobile (3)

The Batman Forever (1995) Batmobile

batman forever (1995) batmobile

This Batmobile from Batman Forever (1995) is something of an eyesore in comparison to the older and newer models. It’s not the Batmobile that most people would chose to own if they had their pick of the lot and it’s not just because it looks like an elaborate Macdonald’s happy meal toy. Costing $2.5m to build, the car only sold for $165,000 and as part of the agreement with Warner Bros., it cannot be driven on the road unless it’s going for repairs (4). It does, however, shoot blue fire, but in terms of resale value its track record doesn’t quite match the financial success of the film it featured in.

Fun Fact: The Batmobile was crashed into a curb by Chris O’Donnell (Robin), who insisted on driving it in place of the usual stunt drivers during the joyride scene. (5)

The Tumbler Batmobile

Despite looking like a Lamborghini on steroids, there is another feature in one of the four ‘Tumbler’ Batmobiles that distinguishes it from the rest. It comes with an actual inbuilt jet engine (6). Known as ‘The Tumbler’, each model costs an estimated $250,000 to produce and took around 6 months of practice by the stunt drivers to master before they could take to the streets of Chicago for filming (6). A street legal batmobile replica went on sale on the James edition luxury website for $1,000,000, but has since vanished from the site’s listings (7). It came with a custom interior, seating for two, and you could have had it in any color that you liked, so long as it was black (7).

Fun fact: A drunk driver crashed into the Batmobile in a state of panic during filming on the streets on Chicago. The deluded driver said he thought the vehicle was an alien spacecraft. (8)

Batman V Superman Batmobile

batman v superman batmobile

The latest Batmobile for the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) film has been estimated to cost around $3m to produce. This amount doesn’t quite equate to what the original Batmobile has sold for previously, meaning the  Batmobile is currently worth less than the original. If a model was outfitted with all the requirements of a fully functional crime fighting Batmobile than it would supposedly cost $9m (9). It’s too early to speculate about the potential value of the newest Batmobile, but there’s no doubt it’s worth will be dependent on the reception of the film when it finally takes to the big screen.

Fun Fact: The new Batmobile comes with guns…




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