November Auction Dates


AuctionAuction HouseVerticalStart DateLocationURL 
Rugs and CarpetsSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques01/11/2016London
Josef Sudek: A Window into ModernityChristiesFine Art & Antiques01/11/2016Online
Wine Online NYC: The Thanksgiving SaleChristiesFine Wine01/11/2016Online
Jewels - OnlineChristiesJewelry01/11/2016Online
Handbags and AccessoriesChristiesHandbags01/11/2016Online
Made in californiaBonhamsFine Art and Antiques01/11/2016LA
The Modern HouseBonhamsFine Art and Antiques01/11/2016LA
Old Master and British PaintingsChristiesFine Art & Antiques02/11/2016London
19th Century European PaintingsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques02/11/2016New York
Noble and Private Collections Part IChristiesFine Art & Antiques03/11/2016London
Edo to post-war: 500 years of Japanese art and designChristiesFine Art & Antiques03/11/2016Online
Nature & ScienceHeritageFine Art & Antiques03/11/2016Dallas
PhotographsPhillipsFine Art & Antiques03/11/2016London
China in print and on paper, including the library of Bernard Hanotiau and the Floyd Sully CollectionSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques07/11/2016London
Chinese Ceramics and Works of ArtChristiesFine Art & Antiques08/11/2016London
Fine Chinese Jades from the Thompson-Schwab CollectionSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques09/11/2016London
Important Chinese ArtSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques09/11/2016London
Chinese ceramics, works of art and textiles part IChristiesFine Art & Antiques09/11/2016London
Bowie/Collector - Part I: Modern and Contemporary Art, Evening AuctionSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques10/11/2016London
Bowie/Collector - Part II: Modern and Contemporary Art, Day AuctionSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques11/11/2016London
Bowie/Collector - Part III: Design: Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis GroupSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques11/11/2016London
Chinese ceramics, works of art and textiles part IIChristiesFine Art & Antiques11/11/2016London
Modern & Contemporary ArtHeritageFine Art & Antiques11/11/2016New York
Space ExplorationHeritageFine Art & Antiques11/11/2016Dallas
Mdoern and Contemporary ArtHeritageFine Art & Antiques11/11/2016New York
American ArtHeritageFine Art & Antiques12/11/2016Dallas
EntertainmentHeritageFine Art & Antiques12/11/2016Dallas
American ArtHeritageFine Art & Antiques12/11/2016Dallas
The Geneva Watch Auction: FourPhillipsWatches12/11/2016Geneva
Antique Arms & Armour and Modern Sporting GunsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques14/11/2016San Francisco
The Elegant HomeBonhamsFine Art and Antiques14/11/2016LA
Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural HistorySotheby'sFine Art & Antiques15/11/2016London
Silver and gold boxesChristiesFine Art & Antiques15/11/2016London
Chinese paintings onlineChristiesFine Art & Antiques15/11/2016Online
Post-War & Contemporary Art Evening SaleChristiesFine Art & Antiques15/11/2016New York
Post-War and Contemporary ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques15/11/2016New York
Finest and Rarest WinesSotheby'sFine Wine16/11/2016London
A unique crystal magnum decanter of Special Louis XIII Cognac - European EditionSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques16/11/2016London
LaliqueChristiesFine Art & Antiques16/11/2016London
Impressionist & Modern Art Evening SaleChristiesFine Art & Antiques16/11/2016new York
Impressionist and Modern ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques16/11/2016New York
Post-War & Contemporary Art SalesChristiesFine Art & Antiques16/11/2016New York
20th Cnetury and Contemporary Art Evening SalePhillipsFine Art & Antiques16/11/2016New York
English furniture, clocks, european ceramics and portrait minituresChristiesFine Art & Antiques17/11/2016London
Wine OnlineChristiesFine Wine17/11/2016Online
ComicsHeritageFine Art & Antiques17/11/2016California
Impressionist & Modern Art Day SalesChristiesFine Art & Antiques17/11/2016New York
SportsHeritageFine Art & Antiques17/11/2016Dallas
20th Century & Contemporary Art Day SalePhillipsFine Art & Antiques17/11/2016New York
lalique & Art GlassHeritageFine Art & Antiques18/11/2016Dallas
lalique & Art GlassHeritageFine Art & Antiques18/11/2016Dallas
20th & 21st Century DesignHeritageFine Art & Antiques19/11/2016Dallas
Movie PostersHeritageFine Art & Antiques19/11/2016Dallas
WineHeritageFine Wine19/11/2016California
California and Western Paintings & SculptureBonhamsFine Art And Antiques21/11/2016LA
California JewelsBonhamsJewelry21/11/2016LA
Modern and Post-War British ArtSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques22/11/2016London
Fashion and GlamourChristiesHandbags22/11/2016Online
Seward Kennedy's cabinet of curiosities and the Tony Robinson collection of treenChristiesFine Art & Antiques22/11/2016London
American PaintingsChristiesFine Art & Antiques22/11/2016New York
Latin American ArtChristiesFine Art & Antiques22/11/2016New York
Latin AmericaPhillipsFine Art & Antiques22/11/2016New York
A painter's paradise: Julian Trevelyan & Mary Fedden at Durham WharfSotheby'sFine Art & Antiques23/11/2016London
Modern British and Irish art evening saleChristiesFine Art & Antiques23/11/2016London
Christie's InteriorsChristiesFine Art & Antiques23/11/2016London
Modern British & Irish art day saleChristiesFine Art & Antiques24/11/2016London
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