The Pivotal June 2017 Auction Calendar

Borro takes a look at the key auctions for the month. Jewelry, watches and handbags are dominating the June 2017 auction calendar. See the full list below.

Sotheby’s Fine Jewels: June 7th

June 2017 Auction dates
Image Source: Sotheby’s

The Sotheby’s Fine Jewels auction hits London on June 7th. This ruby and diamond bracelet from the 1950’s is expected to be the top lot with an estimate of $41,000-53,000.

Sotheby’s Important Watches: June 7th

June 2017 Auction dates
Image Source: Sotheby’s

The Important Watches auction by Sotheby’s takes New York on Jun 7th. The lot with the highest estimate is this Patek Philippe wristwatch, with a strong sale estimate of $400,000-600,000.

Christie’s Handbags & Accessories: June 12th

June 2017 Auction dates
Image Source Christies

Rounding out our highlights from the June 2017 auction calendar, on the 12th Christie’s will open its Handbags & Accessories auction in London. The lot with the highest estimate is this blue marine porous crocodile diamond Birkin 35 with 18K gold and diamond hardware. It is expected to sell for a price between $130,000-190,000.


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AuctionAuction HouseVerticalStart DateLocationURL
Las Vegas 2017MecumLuxury Cars6/1/2017Las Vegas
Chinese ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/1/2017Hong Kong
Jackie Collins Part IIBonhamsMemorabillia6/1/2017LA
Fine JewelsSotheby'sJewellery & Watches6/1/2017Geneva
Newport Beach 2017Russo and SteeleLuxury Cars6/2/2017Newport Beach
Collections Online: Paintings and objects through the centuriesSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/2/2017Online
Russian PicturesSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/2/2017London
Russian ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/5/2017London
The Elegant HomeBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/5/2017LA
TCM Presents an Important Animation Art Collection, The Property of a GentlemanBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/5/2017New York
Coins and MedalsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/5/2017LA
Paris JewelsChristie'sJewellery & Watches6/6/2017Paris
Opulence, Silver, Gold Boxed, 19th Century Furniture and ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/6/2017London
DesignPhillipsFine Art and Antiques6/6/2017New York
Russian Works of Art, Fabergé & IconsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/6/2017London
19th Century European PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/6/2017London
The Estate of Carol Ferranti: Masterworks by Tiffany StudiosSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/6/2017New York
Important DesignSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/6/2017New York
Art Contemporain Vente du SoirSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/6/2017Paris
WYETH: The Art of Timeless DesignSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/6/2017New York
Modern and Contemporary ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/6/2017Hong Kong
Modern and Contemporary Prints and MultiplesBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/6/2017New York
TimepiecesHeritageJewellery & Watches6/6/2017New York
Art Contemporain Vente Du SoirChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/7/2017Paris
DesignChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/7/2017New York
Evening and Day EditionsPhillipsFine Art and Antiques6/7/2017London
Five Private CollectionsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/7/2017London
The Library of William O’Brien: Property of the Milltown Park Charitable TrustSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/7/2017London
Fine JewelsSotheby'sJewellery & Watches6/7/2017London
Art Contemporain Vente du JourSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/7/2017Paris
Important WatchesSotheby'sJewellery & Watches6/7/2017New York
European CollectionsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/7/2017London
The Russian SaleBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/7/2017London
Fine Books and Manuscripts, Including illustration ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/7/2017New York
Art Contemporain Vente Du JourChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/8/2017Paris
Finest and Rarest WinesChristie'sFine Wine6/8/2017Paris
From Artist to Woodblock: Japanese Prints OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/8/2017Online
Master PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/8/2017New York
Impressionist and Modern ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/8/2017New York
US CoinsHeritageFine Art and Antiques6/8/2017California
Collections: European Decorative ArtsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/9/2017New York
EstatesHeritageFine Art and Antiques6/10/2017Dallas
Modern and Contemporary ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques6/11/2017California
Arms and ArmorHeritageFine Art and Antiques6/11/2017Dallas
Handbags and accessoriesChristie'sHandbags6/12/2017London
Ancient Marbles: Classical Sculpture and Works of ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/12/2017London
Modern & Post-War British ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/12/2017London
Antique Arms & Armour and Modern Sporting GunsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/12/2017San Fransisco
Fine Writing InstrumentsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/12/2017LA
Important JewelsChristie'sJewellery & Watches6/13/2017London
Sculpture Et Objets D'art EuropeensChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/13/2017Paris
Handbags and accessoriesChristie'sHandbags6/13/2017Online
Living with ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/13/2017New York
Christie's Watches OnlineChristie'sJewellery & Watches6/13/2017Online
Fine Books & Manuscripts, Including AmericanaSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/13/2017New York
Decorative Arts from 1860BonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/13/2017London
California JewelsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/13/2017LA
Finest and Rarest WinesSotheby'sFine Wine6/14/2017London
JewelleryBonhamsJewellery & Watches6/14/2017London
Fine Books, Atlases, Manuscripts and PhotographsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/14/2017London
Fine European CeramicsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/14/2017London
Modern British and Irish ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/14/2017London
The Marine SaleBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/14/2017New York
The Metropolitan Opera Guild CollectionChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/15/2017New York
The Orinthological Library of Gerald DorrosChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/15/2017New York
Fine Printed Books and Manuscripts Including Americana and the Eric C Caren CollectionChristie'sMemorabillia6/15/2017New York
From artist to woodblock: Japanese prints onlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/15/2017Online
Tableaux, Sculptures et Dessins Anciens et du XIXe siècleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/15/2017Paris
American Art Online: SummerscapesSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/16/2017Online
Bande Dessinee Et IllustrationChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/17/2017Online
EntertainmentHeritageFine Art and Antiques6/17/2017California
Picasso CeramicsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/19/2017Online
Native American ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/19/2017San Fransisco
Art D'asieChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/20/2017Paris
Magnifent Jewels and the Rockefeller EmeraldChristie'sJewellery & Watches6/20/2017New York
Impressionist and Modern: OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/20/2017Online
North East 2017Barrett-JacksonLuxury Cars6/21/2017Connecticut
JewelleryChristie'sJewellery & Watches6/21/2017London
Rare watches and American IconsChristie'sJewellery & Watches6/21/2017New York
Arts d'Afrique et d'OcéanieSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/21/2017Paris
Impressionist & Modern Art Evening SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/21/2017London
Actual Size: A Curated Evening SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/21/2017London
Fine Watches and WristwatchesBonhamsJewellery & Watches6/21/2017London
Modern Decorative Art and DesignBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/21/2017New York
World CurrencyHeritageFine Art and Antiques6/21/2017Hong Kong
Mingei Art of Japan: Including works from the Martha Longenecker CollectionChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/22/2017Online
Arts d'AsieSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/22/2017Paris
Impressionist & Modern Art Day SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/22/2017London
Impressionist and Modern ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/22/2017London
World CoinsHeritageFine Art and Antiques6/22/2017Hong Kong
American Indian ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques6/23/2017Dallas
WineHeritageFine Wine6/23/2017California
Santa MonicaAuctions AmericaLuxury Cars6/24/2017California
JewelleryHeritageJewellery & Watches6/26/2017Chicago
Modern British and Irish Art Day SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/27/2017London
19th Century Art: Including Dutch ImpressionismChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/27/2017London
Impressionist and Modern Art Evening SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/27/2017London
Prints and MultiplesBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/27/2017London
Chinese Snuff Bottles from Private American CollectionsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/27/2017San Fransisco
Fine Asian Works of ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/27/2017San Fransisco
Luxury AccessoriesHeritageHandbags and More6/27/2017Chicago
Impressionist and Modern Works on PaperChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/28/2017London
Impressionist and Modern Art Day SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/28/2017London
Entertainment memorabiliaBonhamsMemorabilia6/28/2017London
Asian Decorative Works of ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/28/2017San Fransisco
20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening SalePhillipsFine Art and Antiques6/29/2017London
Post-War and Contemporary Art at 7pmChristie'sFine Art and Antiques6/29/2017London
Contemporary Art Day AuctionSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/29/2017London
Ginette et Alain Lesieutre, Collection PrivéeSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques6/29/2017Paris
Post-War and Contemporary ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques6/29/2017London
20th Century & Contemporary Art Day SalePhillipsFine Art and Antiques6/30/2017London
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