The Essential April 2017 Auction Calendar

Borro has picked out the top three sales from the April 2017 auction calendar that you won’t want to miss!

Sotheby’s Modern and Contemporary Art Evening Sale: April 2nd – Hong Kong

Sotheby’s Modern and Contemporary Art Evening Sale
Image Source: Sotheby’s

This evening sale is going to include some really exciting pieces from Western contemporary works. You can expect to see paintings from major artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. The lot that is expected to raises the most is this Andy Warhol piece entitled ‘MAO’, with an estimate set at $11.6 – 15.5 million.

Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach: April 6th – Palm Beach

Barret-Jackson Palm Beach
Image Source: Barrett-Jackson

Calling all car collectors – the Palm Beach Auction is a sale you won’t want to miss. Both classic and new cars are coming together this April and some really exquisite cars will be up for grabs, such as this 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/400 Convertible. This is a gold-winning car and is only one of 16. You can expect to see lots of rare and wonderful Chevrolet’s at this event.

Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels: April 25th – New York

Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels
Image Source: Sotheby’s

In preparation for spring time, Sotheby’s presents this energetic jewels sale. The lot expected to raise the most at auction is this pair of platinum and diamond 20.2 carat earrings. They are looking to achieve a sales price of around $4.5 – 5.5 million.

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AuctionAuction HouseVerticalStart DateLocationURL
A Monumental Collection, From the Cellars of a Connoisseur Part IIISotheby'sFine Wine04/01/2017Hong Kong
Finest and Rarest Wines and The MacallanSotheby'sFine Wine04/02/2017Hong Kong
Brushwork II – All The World’s a StageSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/02/2017Hong Kong
Modern and Contemporary Art Evening SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/02/2017Hong Kong
Asian ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques04/02/2017Dallas
Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/03/2017Hong Kong
Fine Classical Chinese PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/03/2017Hong Kong
Yamaguchi Takeo – Composing MonochromeSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/03/2017Hong Kong
Contemporary Asian ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/03/2017Hong Kong
Moments of FlashSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/03/2017Hong Kong
Modern Asian ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/03/2017Hong Kong
JewelryHeritageFine Art and Antiques04/03/2017Dallas
The Odyssey of Collecting: Photographs from Joy of Giving Something FoundationPhillipsFine Art and Antiques04/03/2017New York
The Pavilion Sale - Chinese Ceramics and Works of ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques04/04/2017Hong Kong
JewelleryChristie'sJewellery & Watches04/04/2017London
Collection Laprugne Et A Divers AmateursChristie'sFine Art and Antiques04/04/2017Paris
Fine Chinese PaintingsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/04/2017Hong Kong
Curiosity IIISotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/04/2017Hong Kong
Contemporary Ink ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/04/2017Hong Kong
Prints & MultiplesSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/04/2017Hong Kong
Magnificent Jewels and JadeiteSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/04/2017Hong Kong
Fishes in the Imperial Pond – An Exceptional Xuande BowlSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/04/2017Hong Kong
US CoinsHeritageMemorabilia04/04/2017Dallas
Luxury AccessoriesHeritageHandbags04/04/2017Dallas
The Odyssey of Collecting: Photographs from Joy of Giving Something FoundationPhillipsFine Art and Antiques04/04/2017New York
PhotographsPhillipsFine Art and Antiques04/04/2017New York
First openChristie'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017London
Betsy Bloomingdale: A Life in StyleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017New York
Yellow-Ground Wares from the Collection of Maureen PilkingtonSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017Hong Kong
PhotographsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017New York
In His Majesty's Palm: Exquisite Porcelain PlaythingsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017Hong Kong
Chinese Art from Two American Private CollectionsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017Hong Kong
Made in BritainSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017London
Important WatchesSotheby'sJewellery & Watches04/05/2017Hong Kong
Scarfe at Sotheby'sSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017London
Song Ceramics from a Distinguished Private CollectorSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017Hong Kong
Beasts of Antiquity – Important Jade Animals from the Chang Shou StudioSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017Hong Kong
Master Paintings Online: TulipmaniaSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017Online
Portable Treasures – The Dr S.Y. Yip CollectionSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017Hong Kong
Important Chinese ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017Hong Kong
Important DesignBonhamsFine Art and Antiques04/05/2017London
Portrait of a CollectorChristie'sFine Art and Antiques04/06/2017New York
Photographs including property sold to benefit the Elton John AIDS foundationChristie'sFine Art and Antiques04/06/2017New York
Old Master PaintingsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques04/06/2017London
Fine and Rare winesBonhamsFine Wine04/06/2017London
Fine ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques04/06/2017Dallas
New NowPhillipsFine Art and Antiques04/06/2017London
Palm Beach 2017Barrett-JacksonLuxury Cars04/06/2017Florida
HoustonMecumLuxury Cars04/06/2017Houston
American ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/07/2017New York
Watches and WristwatchesBonhamsJewellery & Watches04/07/2017London
World CointsHeritageMemorabilia04/07/2017Chicago
Important Ceramics by Pablo PicassoSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/10/2017London
Greek SaleBonhamsFine Art and Antiques04/10/2017London
Modern & Contemporary ArtHeritageFine Art and Antiques04/10/2017Dallas
Post war and contemporary artChristie'sFine Art and Antiques04/11/2017Amsterdam
JewelleryBonhamsJewellery & Watches04/11/2017London
California and Western Paintings and SculptureBonhamsFine Art and Antiques04/11/2017Los Angeles
InteriorsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques04/12/2017London
Contemporary CuratedSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques04/12/2017London
The Marine SaleBonhamsFine Art and Antiques04/12/2017London
Le Gour Francais Don’tChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/13/2017Paris
Prints and MultiplesBonhamsFine Art and Antiques4/18/2017Los Angeles
Evening & Day EditionsPhillipsFine Art and Antiques4/18/2017New York
PrintsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/19/2017New York
Christies Jewels OnlineChristie'sJewellery & Watches4/19/2017Online
PrintsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/20/2017New York
Uprising! Geopolitical snapshots of the 20th CenturyChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/20/2017Online
Silver & VertuHeritageMemorabilia4/20/2017Dallas
WineHeritageFine Wine4/21/2017Beverly Hills
The Maurice Neville Collection of Modern Literature (Part III)Sotheby'sFine Art and Antiques4/24/2017New York
Fine JewelleryBonhamsJewellery & Watches4/24/2017New York
WatchesSotheby'sJewellery & Watches4/25/2017London
An inquiring MindChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/25/2017New York
Noble & private collections part 1Christie'sFine Art and Antiques4/25/2017London
AntiquitiesChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/25/2017New York
Christies Wine OnlineChristie'sFine Wine4/25/2017Online
Magnificent JewelsSotheby'sJewellery & Watches4/25/2017New York
The Orientalist SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques4/25/2017London
20th Century Art/ Middle EastSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques4/25/2017London
Home and InteriorsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques4/25/2017London
Islamic and Indian ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques4/25/2017London
PhotographsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques4/25/2017New York
The Giancarlo Beltrame Library of Scientific books, Part IIIChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/26/2017London
Nible & Private Collections IIChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/26/2017London
Art of JapanChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/26/2017online
Magnificent JewelsChristie'sJewellery & Watches4/26/2017New York
Luxe: The Art of the TableSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques4/26/2017New York
Arts of the Islamic WorldSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques4/26/2017London
Finest and Rarest WinesSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques4/26/2017London
Importante Orfèvrerie Européenne, Boîtes en Or et Objets de vitrineSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques4/26/2017Paris
Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques4/26/2017London
CurrencyHeritageMemorabilia4/26/2017Schaumburg, IL
US CoinsHeritageMemorabilia4/26/2017Schaumburg, IL
World CurrencyHeritageMemorabilia4/26/2017Schaumburg, IL
Modern MastersPhillipsFine Art and Antiques4/26/2017London
Old MastersChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/27/2017New York
Old Master Paintings and SculptureChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/27/2017New York
Art of the Islamic and Indian WorldsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/27/2017London
Milan Modern and ContemporaryChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/27/2017Milan
Science and Natural HistoryChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/27/2017London
Important Mobilier, Sculptures et Objets d'ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques4/27/2017Paris
Prints & MultiplesSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques4/27/2017New York
Fine JewelleryBonhamsFine Art and Antiques4/27/2017London
DesignPhillipsFine Art and Antiques4/27/2017London
SculptureChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/28/2017New York
Exceptional SaleChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/28/2017New York
Arts and Textiles of the Islamic and Indian WorldsChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/28/2017London
Milan Moderna dn ContemporaryChristie'sFine Art and Antiques4/28/2017Milan
Nature and ScienceHeritageFine Art and Antiques4/29/2017Dallas
World CoinsHeritageFine Art and Antiques4/30/2017Dallas
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