The Sales Buzz Continues with the November 2017 Auction Calendar

We’re now well into the busiest season for the art market and the big-name auction houses have ramped up proceedings for the penultimate month before Christmas. Although art is the principal focus, there are also some blockbuster dates in the November 2017 auction calendar for luxury cars and watches that are not to be missed for the avid collector.

Borro’s Highlights for November

Sotheby’s Important Watches on November 12th

Sotheby’s are set to host another of their infamous ‘Important Watches’ sales in Geneva, the home of all luxury watches. The lot has an array of classic names such as Pateks, Rolexes and Audemars, but the title for most expensive and potentially the biggest highlight of the auction is the Vacheron Constantin collection. The set features four automatic wristwatches with day, date and engraved miniature mask dials, all produced in 2008. The lot is estimated between 260,000 — 430,000CHF (£201,535-£333,308).

November 2017 Auction calendar

Bonhams Post War and Contemporary Art on November 15th

Bonhams have placed some serious value in their Post War and Contemporary auction in New York with fine art works and sculptures from artists such as Ed Ruscha and Alfred Leslie. However, the lot that looks set to steal the show will be world renowned American artist Andy Warhol’s Puma Invader (Positive), set to fetch between $1,200,000-$1,800,000 (£910,000-£1,400,000) when the hammer drops later this month.

November 2017 Auction calendar
Image Source: November 2017 Auction Calendar

Historics’ Mercedes-Benz World Sale on November 25th

Image Source: Historics
Set to take place at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz World in Weybridge, England this is surely not to be missed by any classic car enthusiasts and collectors. Specialist classic and sports car auctioneers, Historics, are set to auction off a fleet of 31 cars in total, with production years ranging from 1929 right through to 2010.

It appears that age indicates value in this auction, with the 1929 Bentley 4.5 litre Open Tourer in the Vanden Plas Style estimated to fetch between £750,000-£875,000. This estimate is more than double that of the next most expensive car featured in the lot.

November 2017 Auction calendar
Image Source: Historics

See the full November 2017 auction calendar below:

AuctionAuction HouseVerticalDateLocationURL (If Available)
Christies Watches OnlineChristie'sJewellery & Watches01/11/2017Online
From Earth to FireSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques01/11/2017London
CHRISTIE'S JEWELS ONLINEChristie'sJewellery & Watches01/11/2017Online
The Library of a European GentlemanSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques02/11/2017London
The Odyssey of Collecting: Photographs from Joy of Giving Something FoundationPhillipsPhotography03/11/2017New York
London to Brighton Run Sale, Veteran Motor Cars and Related AutomobiliaBonhamsLuxury Cars03/11/2017London, New Bond Street
London to Brighton Run SaleBonhamsLuxury Cars03/11/2017
Hilton HeadAuctions AmercaLuxury Cars04/11/2017South Carolina
Rugs SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques07/11/2017London
The Library of an English Bibliophile Part VIISotheby'sFine Art and Antiques07/11/2017London
Chinese Ceramics & Works of ArtChristie'sFine Art and Antiques07/11/2017London
ART AS JEWELLERYChristie'sFine Art and Antiques07/11/2017Online
19th Century European PaintingsBonhamsFine Art and Antiques08/11/2017New York
Important Chinese ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques08/11/2017London
EDO TO POST-WAR: 500 YEARS OF JAPANESE ART AND DESIGNChristie'sFine Art and Antiques08/11/2017Online
DAVENPORT 2017MecumLuxury Cars09/11/2017Davenport
Importante Collection Européenne de PhotographiesSotheby'sPhotography10/11/2017Paris
The Bothwell CollectionBonhamsFine Art and Antiques11/11/2017Los Angeles
Magnificent Wines from the Park B. Smith CollectionSotheby'sFine Wine11/11/2017New York
ONLY WATCH 2017Christie'sJewellery & Watches11/11/2017Geneva
Important WatchesSotheby'sJewellery & Watches12/11/2017Geneva
Fine and Rare WinesChristie'sFine Wine12/11/2017Geneva
The Collection of Edwin & Cherie SilverSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques13/11/2017New York
American ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques13/11/2017New York
Rare WatchesChristie'sJewellery & Watches13/11/2017Geneva
IMPRESSIONIST & MODERN ART EVENING SALEChristie'sJewellery & Watches13/11/2017New York
The Elegant HomeBonhamsMiscellaneous13/11/2017Los Angeles
Impressionist and Modern ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques14/11/2017New York
Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural HistorySotheby'sMiscellaneous14/11/2017London
20th Century Art - A Different PerspectiveSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques14/11/2017London
Impressionist & Modern Art Evening SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques14/11/2017New York
MAGNIFICENT JEWELSChristie'sJewellery & Watches14/11/2017Geneva
IMPRESSIONIST AND MODERN ART WORKS ON PAPERChristie'sFine Art and Antiques14/11/2017New York
LaliqueChristie'sFine Art and Antiques14/11/2017London
American Art OnlineChristie'sFine Art and Antiques14/11/2017Online
Post-War & Contemporary ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques15/11/2017New York
Magnificent Jewels and Noble JewelsSotheby'sJewellery & Watches15/11/2017Geneva
Finest and Rarest WinesSotheby'sFine Wine15/11/2017London
Impressionist & Modern Art Day SaleSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques15/11/2017New York
EUROPEAN FURNITURE, WORKS OF ART & CERAMICSChristie'sFine Art and Antiques15/11/2017London
ENGLISH FURNITURE & WORKS OF ARTChristie'sFine Art and Antiques15/11/2017London
SILVER & 19TH CENTURY FURNITURE, SCULPTURE & WORKS OF ARTChristie'sFine Art and Antiques15/11/2017London
POST-WAR & CONTEMPORARY ART EVENING SALEChristie'sFine Art and Antiques15/11/2017London
CHRISTIE'S WATCHES ONLINEChristie'sJewellery & Watches15/11/2017Online
Contemporary Art Evening AuctionSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques16/11/2017New York
POST-WAR & CONTEMPORARY ART DAY SALE PART IChristie'sFine Art and Antiques16/11/2017New York
POST-WAR & CONTEMPORARY ART DAY SALE PART IIChristie'sFine Art and Antiques16/11/2017New York
Las VegasMecumLuxury Cars16/11/2017Las Vegas
Fine & Rare Wine, Cognac and Single Malt WhiskyBonhamsFine Wine17/11/2017 Hong Kong, Admiralty
Contemporary Art Day AuctionSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques17/11/2017New York
MODERN/BRITISH ART ONLINEChristie'sFine Art and Antiques17/11/2017Online
LATIN AMERICAN ART ONLINEChristie'sFine Art and Antiques17/11/2017Online
American ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques20/11/2017New York
TCM Presents ... Vintage Movie Posters featuring the Ira Resnick CollectionBonhamsMemorabillia20/11/2017New York
California and Western Paintings and SculptureBonhamsFine Art and Antiques20/11/2017Los Angeles
HOMMAGE À JEAN ROYÈREChristie'sFine Art and Antiques20/11/2017Paris
DESIGN VENTE DU SOIRChristie'sFine Art and Antiques20/11/2017Paris
ASIAN 20TH CENTURY AND CONTEMPORARY ART ONLINEChristie'sFine Art and Antiques20/11/2017Online
THE EXQUISITE EYE: CHINESE PAINTINGS ONLINEChristie'sFine Art and Antiques20/11/2017Online
California JewelsBonhamsJewellery & Watches21/11/2017Los Angeles
TCM Presents ... Out of This World!BonhamsMiscellaneous21/11/2017New York
Contemporary CuratedSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques21/11/2017London
Scottish ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques21/11/2017London
European ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques21/11/2017New York
Art Treasures of America, the Collection of John F. EulichSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques21/11/2017New York
Latin America: Modern Art, Part ISotheby'sFine Art and Antiques21/11/2017New York
AUSTRALIAN ARTChristie'sFine Art and Antiques21/11/2017London
LATIN AMERICAN ARTChristie'sFine Art and Antiques21/11/2017New York
AMERICAN ARTChristie'sFine Art and Antiques21/11/2017New York
COLLECTION VÉRITÉChristie'sFine Art and Antiques21/11/2017Paris
Jacques Grange | CollectionneurSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques21/11/2017Paris
Modern & Post-War British ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques21/11/2017London
Latin America: Modern Art, Part IISotheby'sFine Art and Antiques22/11/2017New York
LATIN AMERICAN ARTChristie'sFine Art and Antiques22/11/2017New York
MODERN BRITISH & IRISH ART EVENING SALEChristie'sFine Art and Antiques22/11/2017London
ART D'AFRIQUE ET D'OCÉANIEChristie'sFine Art and Antiques22/11/2017Paris
BRITISH IMPRESSIONISM EVENING SALEChristie'sFine Art and Antiques22/11/2017London
HANDBAGS & ACCESSORIESChristie'sHandbags and More22/11/2017Online
Fine and Rare WinesChristie'sFine Wine24/11/2017Hong Kong
ASIAN 20TH CENTURY & CONTEMPORARY ART (EVENING SALE)Christie'sFine Art and Antiques25/11/2017Hong Kong
ASIAN 20TH CENTURY ART (DAY SALE)Christie'sFine Art and Antiques26/11/2017Hong Kong
ASIAN CONTEMPORARY ART (DAY SALE)Christie'sFine Art and Antiques26/11/2017Hong Kong
DEAR MONSIEUR MONETChristie'sFine Art and Antiques26/11/2017Hong Kong
RUSSIAN ARTChristie'sFine Art and Antiques27/11/2017London
CHINESE CONTEMPORARY INKChristie'sFine Art and Antiques27/11/2017Hong Kong
FINE CHINESE CLASSICAL PAINTINGS AND CALLIGRAPHYChristie'sFine Art and Antiques27/11/2017Hong Kong
IMPORTANT WATCHESChristie'sJewellery & Watches27/11/2017Hong Kong
Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of ArtBonhamsFine Art and Antiques28/11/2017Hong Kong, Admiralty
Musical ManuscriptsSotheby'sMiscellaneous28/11/2017London
Russian PicturesSotheby'sPhotography28/11/2017London
Russian Works of Art, Fabergé & IconsSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques28/11/2017London
FINE CHINESE MODERN PAINTINGSChristie'sFine Art and Antiques28/11/2017Hong Kong
HONG KONG MAGNIFICENT JEWELSChristie'sJewellery & Watches28/11/2017Hong Kong
LIVRES RARES ET MANUSCRITSChristie'sFine Art and Antiques28/11/2017Paris
THE EXCEPTIONAL SALEChristie'sFine Art and Antiques28/11/2017Paris
WINE ONLINE / LDNChristie'sFine Wine28/11/2017Online
MODERN PRINTSChristie'sFine Art and Antiques28/11/2017Online
MODERN PRINTSChristie'sFine Art and Antiques28/11/2017Online
Wisdom & Nature: In Aid of Le Ciel FoundationPhillipsFine Art and Antiques29/11/2017New York
Ancient Sculpture and Works of ArtSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques29/11/2017London
IMPORTANT JEWELSChristie'sJewellery & Watches29/11/2017London
IMPORTANT CHINESE CERAMICS AND WORKS OF ARTChristie'sFine Art and Antiques29/11/2017Hong Kong
HANDBAGS & ACCESSORIESChristie'sHandbags and More29/11/2017Hong Kong
LE GOÛT FRANÇAISChristie'sFine Art and Antiques29/11/2017Paris
CHRISTIE'S JEWELS ONLINEChristie'sJewellery & Watches29/11/2017Online
MOMA: WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHYChristie'sPhotography29/11/2017Online
EINSTEIN: A LIFE IN LETTERS PART IIChristie'sMemorabillia29/11/2017Online
Arte Moderna e ContemporaneaSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques29/11/2017Milan
Modern Sporting GunsBonhamsMiscellaneous30/11/2017London, Knightsbridge
The Buzhishuzhai Collection of Post Han JadesSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques30/11/2017Hong Kong
THE ART OF CHINA: ONLINE WINTER SALEChristie'sFine Art and Antiques30/11/2017Online
CHRISTIE'S WATCHES ONLINEChristie'sJewellery & Watches30/11/2017Online
Kansas CityMecumLuxury Cars30/11/2017Kansas City
Chinese ‎Art Including Selected Works of Art from the T.Y. Chao Family CollectionSotheby'sFine Art and Antiques30/11/2017Hong Kong

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