Top 5 Most Expensive Jaguars Sold at Auction

If it wasn’t for a certain racing green Aston Martin DBR1, Jaguar would hold the prestigious record of producing the most expensive British car in history. Despite this, Jaguar classics are one of the most exclusive and prestigious British car manufacturing brand when it comes to auction value. The 1950’s period proves this emphatically, with all 5 of the most expensive Jaguars being manufactured in this era.

5) 1955 Jaguar D-Type – $3,905,000

Most Expensive Jaguars

It’s clear to see the stellar relationship that Jaguar and RM Sotheby’s possess; all 5 of this list of most expensive Jaguars come from RM Sotheby’s sales. The D-Type is a highly desirable model, and any owner possessing a classic such as this one, in pristine condition, is going to demand a considerable price.

This D-Type has a steep racing history, including the Mille Migila and Goodwood Revival, and an arguably more successful exhibition history, after being exhibited at world renowned Pebble Beach, Villa d’Este and Amelia Island. The D-Type went under the hammer at Monterey in 2013.

4) 1955 Jaguar D-Type – Paris 2014 – €3,696,000 ($4,519,000)

Most Expensive Jaguars

Here is another D-Type to include on this list. The particular model was the seventh customer D-Type ever produced and has huge racing provenance after formally being owned by 1970 Le Mans winner Richard Attwood and boasting frequent period race history. RM Sotheby’s described this as Jaguar’s most ‘iconic sports racing model’. It went on to sell in Paris in 2014.

3) 1952 Jaguar C-Type New York Icons 2017 – $5,285,000

Most Expensive Jaguars

The most recent car to sell in this blockbuster list came from RM Sotheby’s New York Icons sale in late 2017. The 1952 C-Type claims extreme rarity, being one of only 53 examples built. It is fitting that the car was sold in US territory as it is the first automobile to be imported to, and win a race in the United States. It has extensive racing history on California SCCA circuits and was raced by legendary American Formula One driver Phil Hill. The C-Type comes authentically restored by marque experts.

2) 1953 Jaguar C-Type Works Lightweight – $13,200,000

Most Expensive Jaguars

Monterey is clearly a popular destination for Jaguar collectors and enthusiasts, with the top two both coming from Monterey auctions, and this model selling in 2015.

A car to command such a ludicrous price and go on to be described by RM Sotheby’s as ‘one of the most important Jaguars ever’ must have a lot going for it. Just a few accolades include a 4th place finish in the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1953, combined with multiple victories under racing legend Ecurie Ecosse in 1954. This C-Type Works is undoubtedly one of the rarest Jaguars ever produced. It is the second of only three Works Lightweights and one of the final C-Types ever built, which are notoriously known to be the rarest of racing Jaguars.

1) 1955 Jaguar D-Type – Monterey 2016 – $21,780,000

Most Expensive Jaguars

This D-Type went one up on the aforementioned model. It managed to secure a victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a feat that very few full condition classics can boast. In fact, this model is the only Le Mans winning C or D-Type that has remained original to its winning form.

The most expensive D-Type in the world is also the rarest one, being the first team series D-Type to be produced, and boasting only three private owners, the first being Ecurie Ecosse. It finally went under the hammer, surrounding much anticipation at Monterey in 2016.


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