The Value of Luxury Watches

When assessing how much a luxury watch is worth, there are several key factors to consider, yet without question, the most important is due diligence. Borro Private Finance brings industry, auction and appraisal expertise to each client and every watch collection, ensuring they’re able to access true market value of their luxury timepieces, without having to bear the time-consuming burden and uncertainty of overseeing the sale.

Borro Private Finance appraisal experts assess true market value of luxury watches based on the following factors:

  • Brand & Model – From Cartier and Tag Heuer to Breitling and Omega, each brand has a differing financial rate based on its features and market worth. Furthermore, varying models within each brand help define a watch’s price.
  • Scarcity – First editions, limited models, discontinued stock, special variants and one-offs often receive higher valuations.
  • Provenance – Documentation supporting the validity or historical relevance of a piece will greatly increase its market value.
  • Condition – Scratches, dents or restorations will lower the value of a luxury watch.
  • Age – For many models, newer watches have increased estimated value. However, for some brands (such as Patek Philippe), antique watches may have substantially higher worth.
  • Packaging & Papers – Luxury watches generally receive slightly higher appraisals when accompanied with their original box and papers.

In addition, Borro Private Finance delves into market feedback and mines insights from manufacturers, auction house records and third-party data collectors. As part of our diligence, we also review registers of lost and stolen items.

For additional information, please see our Jewelry & Watch Finance page.


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