Our Process Diligence With Discretion

Our lending process is simple yet tailored to meet the unique needs and high standards of our clientele, while accommodating various uses of capital, asset classes and timeframes.

Once a loan has been paid in full, we swiftly and securely return assets, unless Borro Private Finance has consigned them at the client’s request.

A Simple Lending Process


Leads are generated through referral or direct application, dedicated resources are aligned (i.e., an Account Manager, Underwriter and Internal Valuer), preliminary asset suitability is communicated, and a timeline is established.


Thorough asset inspection and appraisal is arranged, a storage/logistics plan is created, pertinent financial information is gathered, a deal is tailored, and documentation is shared for review.


Once the loan has been documented and signed, assets are secured and safely stored, and arrangements are promptly made for a transfer of funds.



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Expert Valuation

Fully understanding the asset upon which each loan is secured is a pivotal part of the lending process for both our clients and Borro Private Finance. Our in-house valuation experts and international network of specialist valuers enable us to thoroughly value and gauge every asset.

Our process includes a comprehensive review to assess provenance, authenticity, rarity and condition, as well as asset-specific qualities. Appraisals can be conducted on location or in-house, using a variety of transportation options, including insured mail services, courier collection or personal drop-off.

As a lender with no incentive to acquire or resell assets, the meticulous and impartial nature of our appraisals is the foundation upon which the Loan-to-Value assessment is made.