An Enriching Service A Powerful Partnership

In a complex and competitive financial marketplace, affluent individuals are seeking non-traditional solutions to enhance their purchasing power. A partnership with Borro Private Finance can offer current and prospective clients an alternative source of liquidity via loans secured exclusively on their luxury assets.

Partnerships prioritize your client relationship, as we work directly with your client or through you, based on your discretion. In every case, you are supported with meticulous service to assist throughout the duration of the loan, keeping all parties informed.

"Borro Private Finance responds quickly & efficiently satisfying the client’s timetable & finding a solution that works for them.”
- Jeff Pfeffer, Seasoned Commercial Middle Market Banker

Partnership Benefits

Competitive Financial Marketplace
  1. 01 Expand

    Expand your range of services to improve client acquisition and retention

  2. 02 Provide

    Provide clients a private and secure, non-bank source of working capital to achieve their goals

  3. 03 Gain

    Gain access to expert luxury asset market knowledge

  4. 04 Earn

    Earn additional income without disrupting day-to-day business

Once a loan has been paid in full, we swiftly and securely return assets, unless Borro Private Finance has consigned them at the client’s request.

A Simple Process


After lead submission, dedicated resources are aligned (i.e., an Account Manager, Underwriter and Internal Valuer), preliminary asset suitability is communicated, and a timeline is set out. To submit a referral now, please contact us through the appropriate lending sector:


Thorough asset inspection and appraisal is arranged, a storage/logistics plan is created, pertinent financial information is gathered, a deal is tailored, and documentation is shared for review.


Once the loan has been documented and signed, assets are secured and safely stored, and arrangements are promptly made for a transfer of funds.

To become part of our rewarding Partner Program, contact us at 1 (888) 893-9098 or at