Interested in Selling Classic Cars?

selling classic car


Sales of classic and prestige cars continue to dominate the luxury market with 6% market growth exceeding $460 billion globally* and an outstanding 10-year value appreciation performance of more than 330%.** This parks and incredible amount of purchasing power in many collectors’ garages, yet not all owners are interested in selling classic cars they’ve worked hard to procure, understandably so.

With bespoke lending options and appraisal expertise specialized for the luxury market, Borro Private Finance enables clients to immediately access the liquidity within their classic cars either through consignment or asset-backed loans, allowing them to maximize their investment returns or retain ownership of the vehicles they hold dear.

*Source: Bain Luxury Goods Worldwide Market Study, Fall – Winter 2017
**Source: Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index Q1 2018

selling classic car

Borro Private Finance diligently manages the consignment of a client’s high-value automobile and provides immediate funding ahead of the sale. Leveraging our extensive network of experts and auctioneers, we excel at identifying the best venue or venues that yield the highest value for each vehicle. Once the item(s) has sold, the client receives any remaining funds, less interest and fees.

A Sale Advance Loan is ideal for those who have decided to sell but may not have experience or interest in overseeing the process and need immediate access to capital.

Loans of up to 50% of the appraised value are secured against a client’s vehicle, with typical terms of 3 to 24 months. Cars are discreetly transported, kept in highly secure storage facilities and at the end of the loan period, once the loan and accrued interest have been paid in full, assets are safely returned.

Secured Loans are an excellent option for clients who need temporary access to liquidity yet aren’t looking to sell outright, allowing them to still leverage the value of luxury and classic cars that hold personal significance or could appreciate over time.

For additional information, please see Classic Car Finance.


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