About Us

Borro Loan 2 Limited (Borro) is a leading luxury secured lending platform for clients. Our loans enable you to unlock the capital locked in your luxury assets.

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About Us

Borro provides loans secured on clients' luxury assets such as fine art, jewellery, watches, fine wine, classic and luxury cars.


On carrying on our business activities, we strive to meet our regulatory obligations by way of:

  1. 1 Conducting our business with integrity
  2. 2 Conducting our business with due skill, care and diligence
  3. 3 Taking reasonable care to organise and control our affairs responsibly and effectively
  4. 4 Paying due regard to the interests of our clients and to treat them fairly
  5. 5 Paying due regard to the information needs of our clients and communicating information to them in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading
  6. 6 Taking reasonable care to ensure the suitability of our advice and discretionary decisions for any clients who are entitled to rely upon our judgment
  7. 7 Arranging adequate protection for clients' assets when we are responsible for them

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