The Beauty of Liquidation Without Loss*

Fine Art Finance

The unique and rare beauty of fine art is what lends to its intrinsic value, and understandably why many collectors and art professionals are reluctant to generate capital through hasty sales of their works. With Borro Private Finance, clients have an alternative financial option; temporarily releasing equity while ultimately retaining ownership and control.

Our services allow clients to release capital to expand collections, acquire rare finds or accommodate liquidity needs. And with our network of art specialists, appraisers and conservators, clients can rest assured their works are handled and valued appropriately.

Program Summary
  • Minimum Loan: £100,000
  • Typical Terms: 3 to 24 months
Assets Accepted

Post-War & Contemporary Art, Impressionist & Modern Art, Prints & Multiples, Modern & Post War British Art, American Art, 19th Century European Paintings, Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite & British Impressionist Art

Fine Art


Fine Art valuation takes into account the artist, uniqueness and provenance of the piece, strength of attribution and supply/demand balance, as well as market data we obtain from auction, gallery and private-sale records. Clients must also provide proof of ownership, documentation of authenticity and provenance, as well as dimensions and any additional details of note.

Logistics, Security & Insurance

With Borro Private Finance, clients have the confidence of insurance and exceptional care and handling of luxury assets during transport, appraisal and storage.

  1. 01

    Depending on the progress of the valuation process, luxury assets are insured at either the Replacement Cost or the valuation provided by Borro Private Finance’s experts

  2. 02

    There are several options to safely get assets to Borro Private Finance, including: insured mail services, courier collection* or personal drop-off

  3. 03

    In special cases, bespoke arrangements can be made to transport client's fine art*

  4. 04

    For storage, each item is barcoded with a unique ID and facility storage number, photographed and kept in secure, climate-controlled environments with 24/7 monitoring *Fees may apply

Use Cases

  • 6-Month Term Loan
  • 12-Month Term Loan
  • Acquisition Financing
01 / 03 6-Month Term Loan

SYNOPSIS: A client’s husband had passed away, bequeathing her millions in fine art assets. With an urgent need for funding to cover legal costs as her legal team was threatening to down tools, she secured a £555,000 loan on her newly acquired art within 48 hours.


  • Funding: £555,000
  • Asset Class: Fine Art (Post War)
  • Timeframe: 48 Hours
  • Referral: Property Broker
02 / 03 12-Month Term Loan

SYNOPSIS: Client needed funds to refinance an existing loan with an auction house. Borro Private Finance was able to provide a £5.8 million loan against two pieces of Post War and Contemporary art and closed within two weeks.


  • Funding: £5.8 million
  • Asset Class: Fine Art (Post War and Contemporary)
  • Timeframe: 2 Weeks
  • Referral: Attorney
03 / 03 Acquisition Financing

SYNOPSIS: A New York-based client wished to access additional capital to expand his fine art collection by securing a loan against a high-value piece located in Hong Kong. Within three weeks, Borro Private Finance arranged for secure international transport of the asset to our London office and funded a £847,000 loan.


  • Funding: £847,000
  • Asset Class: Fine Art (Old Master)
  • Timeframe: 3 Weeks
  • Referral Source: Art Advisor

Fine Art Key Contacts

United Kingdom
01 / 02
Ashley Lockwood Business Development Manager
02 / 02
Elliot Roberts Director, Fine Art Appraisals & Sales

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